Valstaag Highlands and Skaldring Mountains Region Guide

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Valstaag Highlands and Skaldring Mountains Region Guide

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Valstaag Highlands

A ruin infested foothill region separating the fertile reach from the hostile Eldersblood and Skaldring Mountains. The only Settlements of note are the Whiterun affiliated quarry town Lainalten, and the small village Brunsvold. The Imperial Legion operates Fort Kintyra as their primary Haafinheim garrison at the northwestern corner where Valstaag becomes Solitude Forest. A river flowing from Lake Ilinata cuts through the region, draining into the Drajkmyr Marsh.

Rocks: Whiterun mainly, Reach rocks only on eastern/northern border.

Static flora:
T_Sky_Flora_TreePine1/2 Less frequent the further away from Solitude Forest you get
T_Sky_Flora_TreeLarch** Primary tree
T_Sky_Flora_TreeBirch** Primary tree
T_Glb_Flora_ReedDry_** (+Groups and SNW) use by the river
(need bushes)

Container flora:
Flora_BM_Belladonna_** uncommon flower
T_Glb_Flora_Hemlock** common
T_Sky_Flora_CanisR01 uncommon
T_Sky_Flora_CarlineTh01 common
T_Sky_Flora_ForsythTr01 uncommon
T_Sky_Flora_KingThist** common
T_Sky_Flora_Taragetis** uncommon, use in clumps like heather
T_Sky_Flora_Snowberry01 common bush
T_Sky_Flora_Widowkiss01 rare flower

Land textures:
T_Sky_TerrDirtbBeatenPath_01 dirt road for the region
T_Sky_TerrDirtHF_01 common dirt
T_Sky_TerrDirtRockHF_01 near and around rocky sections
T_Sky_TerrDirtSnwHF_01 snowy areas
T_Sky_TerrDirt_01 common dirt
T_Sky_TerrDirtRE_05 uncommon dirt
T_Sky_TerrGrassDirtHF_01 mainly variety for grassy areas and forested spots
T_Sky_TerrGrassDirtHF_02 for rocky sections where you want a bit of grass
T_Sky_TerrGrassHF_01/02/03 common grasses
T_Sky_TerrGrassHF_04/05 less common grasses
T_Sky_TerrGrassSnwHF_01/02 snowy areas
T_Sky_TerrGravelRiver_01 underwater
T_Sky_TerrSnow_** SHotN snows for extra variety

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