HR427 Armor and Clothing List

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HR427 Armor and Clothing List

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A google spreadsheet for tracking the various armors and clothing sets required for Highrock 427 ... sp=sharing

Priority degree is dictated by the current release order as going west from Jehhana into the greater west reach and onto Northern Highrock and should be updated as release progress on HR 427 progresses. Essential covers only what is required for parity with the standard of coverage from Vanilla with Optional being things that while desirable would not leave a visible absence if they weren't included.

Guard Armor is strictly seperate from regional armor as it represents a faction not culture and can only get used by that faction in this case the guards of each kingdom. The same goes for the armor of knightly orders.

Shared Breton iron, steel and leather (distinct from the " common" sets of said) cover all required bases for a release, with Ostern, Normen or Bayard pieces adding onto it being the secondary priority. Only after that is full Ostern, Normen and Bayard sets with their own regional variants below them to be made.

Clothing has a similar priority order, with a common breton clothing set (distinct from the "common" clothes) being essential for an initial release (that can then get applied to NPC's from Highrock in both the rest of PT and TR) followed by the broad cultural fashions and then factional attire for the royal courts-associated knightly orders. (In keeping with how vanilla handled great house clothing)

RE commenting on the thread, for idea's about how a set should look, comment in " references" for full concepts comment in "Concept/Asset Thread"

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