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#1 On the Map. Custom shell, DL the Temaris Island to see it better.
Remember to use the PI data file. Two entrences, front door on ground floor is roof top trap door.

Fort Temaris, Naval Offices
Contains many offices of important to the day to day operations of the naval fortress' general operation.

First Floor should have a lobby type set up when you come though the door. A clerk here is in charge of taking in supply requests and getting disseminating orders to the dockworkers. Star upstairs should also be in this room.

Other duties preformed by those in this building are; Quartermaster, scheduling, supply shipments, anything that is important to the general operations of the port.

Upstairs can house some extra office space or some apartments for the naval bureaucrats who work here. (Can't have them bunking with the menials)

Basement can house some records, storage, and some basic equipment for naval personnel.

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