Valenwood Meeting Notes

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Valenwood Meeting Notes

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-Arenthia Kingdom, and how/what to incorporate from SOSG lore.
-Trenchermites, underground tunnels, oh my!

Relevant links:

(From PV)
Arenthia Kingdom, a primer: ... sp=sharing

(From SOSG)
Tehl Primer: ... sp=sharing

Meeting notes:


Moved from all over Valenwood to pockets of Valenwood and Elsweyr, including most if not all of Dragon’s Teeth and Quinonda, as well as the “Canyons” (placeholder name) regions in Elsweyr. Trenchermites live in subterranean tunnels of their own making, and tend to act as a waste disposal for the Bosmer. Bosmer who took care of the Trenchermites would eventually be known as Mounders. The Trenchermites secreted an adhesive, fire resistant substance that they mixed with clay to make insulated houses, as well as crafting various tools and armors.

Green Pact

There was some discussion on the Green Pact. The general consensus would be that the Green Pact’s border in which it stops applying to a given Bosmer or plant would be the bodies of water + somewhere east and north of Tenmar Forest, Elsweyr. There can be distilleries within the islands surrounding Valenwood, such as Tharribar Island in the Strid, an island in which Arenthia has set up a large distillery. Bosmer are allowed to consume plant products from outside the Green Pact border, as such, alchemical ingredients, fruit, and lumber are often imported from the local Stridmeets in northern Valenwood, as well as shipped by boat to the ports of Virimoor, Emperor’s Run, Woodhearth, Southpoint, and Haven.

Arenthia Kingdom

It was decided that the SOSG idea of Arenthia having traded hands countless times, as well as having Bosmeri (both generic and Arenthian), Khajiiti, etc styles would be better suited for Vehem or Moonmont given the circumstances of Arenthia’s history in PV. The Ayleid ruin of Olynavrien will have its name changed to Olgaldava, with Olynavrien being used elsewhere - as will Al Penaba.

The Lympan Cyrods from SOSG will need to have a name change, as the lynpar Floodlands are not very close at all to Arenthia Kingdom in PV. A fairly small, isolated group now, they have been known to be yet another substantial ethnic group of Valenwood insofar as their own local area - the Valenwood side of the Strid River including all or most of the Xarxen Mora region and a bit of the Arenth Arla interior. While now most similar to Colovians, they are of Nedic origin, with both Bosmeri and (mainly) Colovian blood mixed in due to persistent migration into the Valenwood border zones dating back to the Merethic Era. Their numbers have dwindled over the years, with the biggest blow being the years of which the Aldmeri Dominion had its grip on the whole of Valenwood.

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