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Meeting Documents Repository

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Given that there are going to be more HR meetings in the near future it's important to not only save the meeting docs on the Google Drive, but also on the forums for easier accessibility.
To start this thread off, I will post the first (small) HR427 meeting from 16 September of 2018. Keep in mind that the progress of the project was a lot different back then.

16-09-2018 Meeting Summary

First “Official” Meeting HR427

Possible Topics:
-What assets are needed for our side of the Druadach Highlands, Dragonfields,(and Creag Coast). (Exterior building blocks).
-Creature list what have we, what do we need?
Flora big and small?
-Wizard tower? Unique or a set?
-What assets do we need for Jehanna?
Houses. Concept art needed
Castle set with walls etc
Unique buildings for guilds list needed
Stable and inn for outside the city
-Dungeon tiles and types.
Cave set
Crypt set?
Ruin set
-Region aesthetics; concept art?
-Witch-Kings; Naming and characterizing
-Road planning.
-Enforcing R0’s naming scheme.
-Miraclestone’s literature; reviewing and including?
-Task and assignments; who does what?
-Griffon Fortress set (TES IV): ... escription ... conversion
Was converted for TR for use in OE, but could be used for castles/forts in HR427. Is this the style we want? Are the models okay quality wise?


Asset requirements
Druadach Highlands - Same terrain assets as on the SHotN side, but different ‘cultural’ sets, manmade stuff. Should blend with other regions asset-wise at the borders, further conceptualisation would be needed.
Conceptualizing - MORE


Nord Conflict - The presence of Haafingar occupiers should be noticeable at the border: patrols, fortifications, guarded passes, farmer shakedowns and the lot.

Conflict border, lest we forget o7

Western Reach Conceptualisation

Conceptualisation of the Western Reach is a requirement for starting Exterior work!

WR in general - Dreary, rains all the time. Idea for a season: Late autumn. Atmosphere is important!
WR Highlands - also, Irish hillsides. While Evermore(Bjoulsae Basin) would be less forested and have soft hills in places, WR highlands would be more forested and craggy, some large hills, lakes and puddles(caused by the very rainy circumstances), and also a few small rivers.
Creag Coast - Further conceptualisation!

(Miraclestone’s) Literature

Reviewing and Including - Miraclestone and ThomasRuz are appointed ‘internal’ reviewers. Inclusion and reviewing (due to lack of manpower) will also hinge on ‘external’ reviewers from SHotN, P;C or TR.


Violet and Mort are willing to create quests for HR427
>This is when ThomasRuz made a new discord channel about maps and the conversation died.

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