[Book] The Immortal Spriggan

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[Book] The Immortal Spriggan

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First mentioned in Daggerfall Manual
The Immortal Spriggan
Once upon a time, while the monster hordes came from the far south had'nt surged Skyrim yet, a Spriggan lived in the Immortal Grove. She was very old, and her tree so big and wide that she herself reached proportions way superior to other Spriggans. She was so powerful she'd grow larger and mightier every time she falled.

Rumors and legends about this fantastical creature were many: maiden hunted by a possessive lover that had been changed by the gods into a spirit to protect her; witch of old; Daughter of Kyne... But even more numerous were the warriors that saw on her the Keeper of a treasure os simply a challenge worthy of them.
Fighters came in hordes to the Immortal Grove, their blood singing the stories of glorious battles. Few of them came back alive. The Spriggan too was slained many time, but every time she got back, every time her wooden body healed the wounds made by the axes or the swords of her enemies. Every time he expelled arrowheads and erased bites form the cold or heartburns. And every time she resurrected, her might and her seize grew.
No warrior managed to trully kill her. As seasons passed, less and less people disturbed the Spriggan, only the fools weren't stopped by her immortality. She was almost forgotten, when another hero came by.

This one too wanted to fight against the legendary creature, but he was far from foolish. He knew, that he was deemed to fail if he clashed with her like the others. As such, he had plan.
At night, he reached the Immortal Grove. He saw the huge tree, and its guardian, he saw creatures gathered by her call but more than that, he understood where lied her power. So, he came back every night, to weaken the tree. Each night, it was weaker and weaker, until finally he collapsed. Then, the hero fought the Spriggan.

Their fight lasted all day. The Spriggan came back multiple time, but weaker with every death. At the pinnacle of the night, the hero killed his adversary. He seized her treasure, then dissapeared from the chronicles.
The Spriggan became an old tale, and the Immortal Grove undergo the wrath of the axes. Even the fallen tree was uprooted and since then, a pond was formed where, once upon a time he dove its roots.

A pond where spirits gathered, as if they were attracted by some mysterious power.

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