[Book] Cooking shellfishes

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[Book] Cooking shellfishes

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Cooking shellfishes
A sea-lover's Recipe book
Molluscs! Animals which soft body is hidden under a hard shell, as harmless as they are delicious! But if you want to enjoy such delicacies, you have to know how to cook them!
This is why I wrote this book, where are written only the finest recipes from hundreds of years of tradition. For you, with love.
But first, what is a mollusk?
For most, they are shells, like the clam or the barnacle. Even if molluscs without shells are deem to exist on the hot waters of southern Tamriel, I will speak only of the shellfishes ones.
If you can pick up clams on the beach on each low tide, barnacles will need a knife to tear them apart from their rock or boat keel. The awkwards will hurt themselve, but the price is worth some spilled blood.

Roasted clams
Throw an entire bucket of clams into a pot and heat it slowly until they open.
Wash them in cold water to remove the sand.
Roast them in their shell on a frying pan or other plates. Use spices on your own discretion.

Salmon and clams soup
Wash your clams to get rid of the sand, and discard the shell.
Boil them in spiced water then add salmon pieces. Cook them until the clams turn yellow and the salmon pink.

Milky seafood soup
Use the same method to wash your clams. Barnacles can be added directly to the broth once outside of their shell.
Heat the milk while stirring regularly (it must NOT boil), and add the molluscs.
Use the milk of your choice. Cow and goat ones are fine, but jenny, mare or llama milks are interesting choices too.
Add potatoes, garlic or even leek and let the soup thicken. A few tossing prevent the milk from boiling.
Must be eaten while still hot.

Seafood terrine
Crumble your salmon and crab meats, wash your molluscs. Place your mold into water and boil it.
While the mold is into the water, heat some fat (of seal, whale, horker, your choice) then add the meat, chicken or thrush eggs, some kelp and off course, shellfishes.
Mix and mash your preparation until you obtain a dough.
You can also add shrimps, salmon roe or another animal fat. Kelp must be smoked or dried before, to strengthen its taste and get rid of its water.
Once the mold is hot enough, take it out of the water and spill the dough into it.
Cook your terrine on an oven. Once it's cooked, let it cool until it freezes, then unmold. You can let it cool outside to hasten the process, but beware of the snow, animals or gluttons!
Serve it cold before your main meal.

Spiced seashell croustade
Start with your dough. A bread or a pie one will do the job but you can also use old bread crust, moisted with milk and eggs then knead and cooked. If you want your croustade plumper, you can deep fry it.
Now the fondue. On a pan, melt the leeks with cream and butter.
Cut thinly carrots, radishes and potatoes. Add some garlic if you can bear it, then add then into your fondue.
Add the washed molluscs and spice with pepper, elves ears and frost mirriam.
Add some wheat and stir until it thicken homogeneously. Fill your croustade with your fondue and heat it for a little while. Then serve while it's hot.

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