The Secret Throne of Vampires

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The Secret Throne of Vampires

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Should probably be elaborated on once the nature of the Order is clarified. Conspiracy material.
The Secret Throne of Vampires
WHO are the vampires?
Invisible unless they want to be seen, present in every corner of the Imperial Provine. Secret tyrants, magistrates, mages and plutocrats, they who have usurped and infiltrated society, preying on the greed and venality of weak-minded men.

FROM WHENCE came the vampires?
None know, for they are ancient, even among their cursed and blighted kind. The monkey-priests and moth-eaters, contorters of reality, found their kind dormant in the deepest pits of the blackened jungle, and made common cause with them, all of them being prodigia, putrid and corpulent enemies who feast on the lifeblood of common citizens.

When the war of the righteous came, these idolaters were dragged into the light and burned, but some escaped back to the lightless depths of the jungle, where they festered and bred.

WHAT do the vampires desire?
The same as everyone desires -- the power of Empire at their command. They plot and scheme, twisting lesser men into their servants, and buying the loyalty of the corrupt and the unscrupulous.

WHOM can protect me?
Turn to the Emperor, trusted bastion of wisdom and might, and turn to the most august and ancient of warrior orders. The killing princes who follow the word of Reman suffer not these parasites, nor do the ranks of Templars regardless of their creed. The servants of Arkay know of ten thousand mantras and incantations which boil their unclean forms.

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