Cairac: The Ransacking of Ruvheide Barrow [Locked]

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Cairac: The Ransacking of Ruvheide Barrow [Locked]

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Locked until the Markarth section file is ready for quest development.

Ruvheide Barrow, an ancient Nordic burial site which is just a stone's throw from Cairac, is currently occupied by a specialized gang of Breton grave robbers (they prefer the terms "explorers" and "specialists"). Hired by an eccentric Wayrest collector, they're searching for an ancient High Rock artifact brought back to Skyrim during one of the many High Rock raids of the First Era. They keep to themselves and don't interact with the residents of Cairac, though each group is aware of the other.

The leader of the robbers asks the player for help in finding the key to the large vault door at the rear of the barrow. In return, the player will be allowed to keep everything in the vault except for a Nedic sword. The player can:
- Unlock the door via lockpick or spell
- Look for the key (should be difficult to find - Detect Key will be almost necessary)
- Ask the residents of Cairac for help; they'll all recycle the same three lines stating that no key has ever been found.

After the player unlocks the door, the leader will follow them into the vault. The player can then decide whether to take the sword and aggro the leader (if detected) or just take everything else and leave. If the player has a low disposition with the leader or if they chose antagonistic dialogue choices during the quest, the leader will say that he's changed his mind and attack the player. All of the other robbers will aggro as well.

Please use Sky_qRe_CA01_Journal for the quest ID and Sky_qRe_CA01_ for everything else.

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