Beorinhal: Jolethe, Please Don't Take My Man [Locked]

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Beorinhal: Jolethe, Please Don't Take My Man [Locked]

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Locked until Markarth quest development begins.

Small misc quest for Beorinhal.

A Nord resident of Beorinhal named Sorek has decided to join up with the Legion at Fort Jolethe. His lover, another local named Dori, asks the player to stop him from leaving by whatever means possible.

Any attempts to simply talk the would-be-legionnaire out of leaving would fail - he's dead-set on the idea. The player would have a few options, including:
  • Finding more lucrative employment for Sorek in Beorinhal
  • Convincing the Fort Jolethe commander that Sorek is a no-good drunken layabout
  • Anything else the claimant can think of
If the player talks to Sorek, he'll reveal that his relationship with Dori is a bit rocky, explaining his desire for some time spent away. Optionally, the player can try to help the two characters patch up their romance, or take Sorek's side and get Dori to leave him alone.
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