Druadach Highlands: Deeds of a Farmer [Locked]

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Druadach Highlands: Deeds of a Farmer [Locked]

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Locked until the minor exterior changes mentioned below are made to Ahreg

A Redguard farmer has set himself up in Ahreg, he/she has their own house (whatever our equivalent is to a vanilla shack, the interior shouldn't take more than an hour or two to make... at least that's my intention), a chicken or two, and about 4 or 6 crops total... as I really don't want to add too much to the workload of the quest.

Jarl Jona's advisor is concerned that this unknown person is living off Reach Hold land without proper authorization - which can only lead them to assume they are a Sogat agent (their supposed familiarity with the Crown Prince is further evidence in the Jarl's eyes). Upon confronting them, they tell the player that they have a deed and are there legally. They show the player the deed, and it's a deed from the Crown Prince's, NOT the Jarl.

The player has the following options to deal with the quest:
1. Convince Jona's advisor to give them the proper deed due to it being a simple misunderstanding through persuasion.
2. Tell them to GTFO of The Reach Hold until they go through the proper channels (the Jarl, not the Crown Prince).
3. Frame them as a Sogat or Sogat sympathizer and get them thrown in jail.
4. Kill them and tell Jona's advisor that they attacked you.

This will serve as both a misc DH quest and as a way to get noticed by Jona's/Alaktol's advisor for the DS paths of the Reach MQ (depending on how the player acts).

Use Sky_qRe_DH03_Journal for the quest ID and Sky_qRe_DH03_ for everything else.

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