Sea of Ghosts | Vaka (Sky_xSG_01) [Locked]

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Sea of Ghosts | Vaka (Sky_xSG_01) [Locked]

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Claim marked as "Sg_01" on the following map:

Vaka is a remote, snowy island far to the north of Falkheim and Jehanna. Due to its mountainous terrain, bleak climate, and freezing temperatures, there are no roads or permanent settlements on the island. Long ago, Vaka was the nesting ground of the legendary sea wyrm Tsalraad, better known today as the Danstrar Serpent.

Sea of Ghosts region guide pending

Points of interest:
- Wyrmtooth Peak (a steep-sided, prominent mountain)
- Tsalraad's lair (an enormous grotto)
- Breton whaling camp
- 3-5 caves
- Ancient Nord fortress ("Krakevik")
- Nordic barrow

Locked pending availability of Sea of Ghosts (Roscrea) rocks
A far green country, under a swift sunrise

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