Sea of Ghosts | Grefarr (Sky_xSG_02) [Locked]

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Sea of Ghosts | Grefarr (Sky_xSG_02) [Locked]

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Claim marked as "Sg_02" on the following map:

Grefarr is a windswept, inhospitable isle far to the north of Haafinheim. Aside from the small ruin of an ancient Nordic outpost, the only signs of civilization on Grefarr are the broken remains of the *Joldur Kair*, a tiny craft which once survived an intrepid journey from distant Atmora.

Sea of Ghosts region guide pending

Points of interest:
- Ancient Nord ruin
- Wreck of the Joldur Kair
- 2-3 caves, maybe a grotto

Locked pending availability of Sea of Ghosts (Roscrea) rocks
A far green country, under a swift sunrise

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