Skaldring Mountains | Eldersblood Peak (Sky_xWR_03) [Unclaimed]

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Skaldring Mountains | Eldersblood Peak (Sky_xWR_03) [Unclaimed]

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Claim outlined as "WR_03" on the following map:
Region guide: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=2299

Northern Skaldring Mountains, including the highest mountain in the region, Eldersblood Peak. This claim is mostly high mountains and visual blockers, but should still have plenty to explore between peaks and valleys. Below Eldersblood Peak is a Monastery to Kyne, with a long winding switchback road connecting it to the fort road below. The northwestern cell has an old Nordic river crossing fort named Kjenstag. A portion of the bridge for Kjenstag is made in the neighboring claim, Hf_12. Vorsia Legion Fort in the south is the primary Imperial Legion garrison of Whiterun Hold.

Points of interest:
-Eldersblood Peak
-Some lesser mountain peaks
-Monastery of Kyne
-Vorsia Legion Fort
-Abandoned mine along the road
-A few medium to large barrow complexes
-lesser barrows
-Animal dens

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(gridX =-81 AND gridY =14) OR
(gridX =-81 AND gridY =13);
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