Valstaag Highlands (Sky_xWR_01) [Unclaimed]

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Valstaag Highlands (Sky_xWR_01) [Unclaimed]

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Claim outlined as "WR_01" on the following map:
Region guide: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=2299

An western Valstaag Highlands claim with a very small section of Sundered Hills Region transition. The terrain should be steep and hilly yet very explorable, with a small amount of snow. A little bit of the Lake Ilinalta to Drajkmyr Marsh river cuts through the northeastern corner of this claim. (And the very southeast cell but that will be best to deal with during a border match or 2.) The use of Reach rocks should not need to extend further than the very westernmost cell, leaving you plenty of room to work with the Whiterun rock set. Due to the loss of Roerich's hard drive years ago, the Adamowicz concept art barrow was lost, and should be recreated somewhere in this claim. A portion of the road between Dunstad and Lainalten needs to be made.

Points of interest:
-Adamowicz concept art-inspired barrow
-A few minor barrows
-Gjukar's Stones (roerich input needed)
-A few caves

Quick editor cutting script:
(gridX <-93 OR gridX >-90 OR gridY >14 OR gridY <10) OR
(gridX =-93 AND gridY =14) OR
(gridX =-92 AND gridY =14) OR
(gridX =-91 AND gridY =14);
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