[PC_q2_Anv07_Journal] Spies upon Spies [Moyglass]

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[PC_q2_Anv07_Journal] Spies upon Spies [Moyglass]

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PC_q2_Anv07_Journal - Spies upon Spies

Quest Description

Blades-related quest. Nontus Jorel is a scribe in service to the Praetor. He is also a secret Blades agent, posted to keep an eye on the administration's affairs in the west. However, Nontus is convinced that a second Blades spy is also active in the port, interfering with his network, and may have been sent to investigate him. Nontus asks the player to track down the second spy, and figure out what their mission is. Through investigations, the player tracks down a mercenary named Habashi who was hired by the second agent for the exact same purpose: Perella, a common pauper in the poor district, was convinced that an agent in the town was keeping an eye on her. Both agents, thus informed about the other's work, can continue their operations in peace.


The quest should be obtainable to all players, though if the player is not a member of the Blades, they should be kept in the dark about Nontus and Perella being Blades members when Nontus and Perella speak to them (though this should be made apparent for the observational player).

The claimant will be required to create the Perella NPC, who is residing in the Seaside Flophouse North.. Habashi will also need to be NPCd, he is staying in the Sailor's Fluke Tavern. As neither the Seaside Flophouse North or the Sailor's Fluke Tavern have been NPC'd yet, please place them just outside of their respective buildings (with Wander set to 0). They'll be moved into those interiors on merge when said interiors are NPC'd.

You will need to create a Latest Rumors line for this quest.

Nontus' Background/My Trade currently has his call himself a scribe of the Curia, obviously this is just his cover and not his actual class or faction. If the player is a member of the Blades, these should be replaced with new lines of dialogue in which Nontus confirms he's a Blades Agent.

Follow the below NPC guidelines for Perella and Habashi:
Perella (Bosmer, f, agent): at first glance, a common pauper. Perella is in fact a secret Blades agent, posted to keep an eye on the criminal element in the port (specifically, Redguard smugglers). Paranoid about the activities of a second Blades agent somewhere in town (Nontus Jorel, in the Praetorium), Perella has hired a private investigator to seek them out (Habashi, in the Sailor’s Fuke Tavern).

Habashi (Redguard, m, warrior) An adventurer and mercenary. Quest-relevant. Currently hired by a Blades agent active in the poor district, to investigate interference in her network.

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