[PC_q2_GC05_Journal] Calvus's Goat Troubles [AcrylicFrog]

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[PC_q2_GC05_Journal] Calvus's Goat Troubles [AcrylicFrog]

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Quest description:

Calvus the goat herder (-116, -51) next to the road near Brina Cross has a goat that likes to wander off, it usually comes back soon after - but this time it hasn't. He asks you to track it down and bring it back, suggesting a Command Creature enchantment (one that should be added to a merchant in Brina Cross) would be particularly useful for it.

You find the goat not too far out with some goblins. The Goblins themselves are non-hostile and part of the nearby goblin tribe, the Broken Fang Tribe (the same one in Gula Cave that is involved in the Treasures Fit for a Goblin quest). If you talk to the goblins, they tell you that the goat has become their friend over these past few days and wants to come home with them instead. You can either bribe the goblins to let you take the goat back, or kill them. You may also side with the goblins, reporting the goat as dead (eaten by a wolf or something) to the goat herder. Doing so will reward you with a plate or bowl or some other small piece of shiny clutter that a goblin would steal because they think it's neat when you return to the goblins, such as silverware. The goat will later be able to be found in Gula Cave with one of the goblins. Any combat started between you and the goblins will spook the goat and make it flee - requiring you to either Calm Creature it to talk to it and make it follow, or Command Creature it to make it follow by force.


-The goat should have a name, this helps distinguish it from the other goats + makes for an easy dialogue topic.

-Calvus is an employee of Medina Sirolus, who also owns both Weylus and Gavach Farms.

-As this is a minor wilderness misc quest, there will be no latest rumors pointing the player to it, but what might be interesting is giving Medina a line if you complete the quest by bringing the goat back. Your standard "thank you" line of dialogue.

-The goat and goblins that show up in this quest should appear in Gula Cave if you complete the quest their way, all non-hostile, of course.

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