Anvil Thieves Guild + Abecette NPC and Dialogue [Violet]

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Anvil Thieves Guild + Abecette NPC and Dialogue [Violet]

Post by Violet »

This is a claim to create the NPCs for both The Abecette as well as the Guild of Thieves of Anvil City in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest TD_Addon.esp
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main.esp
-Latest PC_Anvil.esp
Do not rename the interior cells.

The Abecette:
Common Hall:
Lillal (Bosmer, f, publican) Right-hand of Quinterius, oversees the common hall. Sells overpriced drinks and food.
Nura (Nord, f, agent) Overseer and croupier. Secret Thieves Guild member. Player can talk to her to engage in a game of Massira, a popular Colovian card game.
Plea Rufinus (Nibenese, f, thief) Runs a small prophecy business/scam in a corner of the common hall. Offers to read the Tenet, a kind of prophecy based on card-laying, for five gold. The player’s reading obliquely references Morrowind.
Mudalius Horvall (Nibenese, m, archer) Legion soldier from eastern Nibenay, plays nine-holes in the common hall. Quest-relevant. Horvall is in possession of a lucky charm of Hora, an obscure eastern fortune deity.
Na’harra (Khajiit, f, rogue) Gambler in the common hall. Thieves Guild member.
Plocius Zelus (Imperial, m, commoner) Gambler.
Rutagio (Redguard, m, warrior) Gambler.
Sellus Nanus (Imperial, m, commoner) Gambler.
Inner Hall:
Raco Derrissa (Imperial, m, agent) Master of the Abecette. The enigmatic lord of the gambling palace maintains both ties with the nobility and with the Thieves Guild. Half of his establishment is dedicated to the pleasures of the wealthy, the other to theft. Little is known of Raco Derrissa past.
Quanendil (Altmer, m, publican) Sells expensive and rare food and drinks. Also offers overpriced stays in the Abecette’s guest rooms.
Challa (Redguard, f, agent) Overseer of the Tesserit tables. Player can talk to her to play Tesserit.
Filhallil Ulansair(Bosmer, f, agent) Overseer of the Abecette’s illegal arena. Player can talk to her to gamble on the results of a pit fight.
Valeris Senilias (Imperial, m, knight) Wealthy gambler and member of the Red Dome Templars. Wears expensive templar armor.
Isor Reymanus (Imperial, m, noble) Wealthy gambler.
Arnimil (Altmer, m, noble) Wealthy gambler. Member of the EEC.
Perennia Kalcharius (Imperial, f, commoner) Daughter of Olvus Kalcharius, a wealthy slumlord. Gambles with her father’s money.

Thieves Guild:

Spearmouth Inn
The Arenthian (Bosmer, m, Thief)Mysterious master-thief and leader of the Anvil thieves guild.
Faustina Cartia (Imperial, f, spellsword): mid-ranking member in the Thieves Guild. Cartia wants to found the Sirens, an all-female thieves’ gang working under the auspices of the Guild. She needs the player’s help to convince her friends and ex-colleagues, who are working in various taverns and brothels in Anvil, to join her
Old Man Theft (Nord, m, savant) An old veteran of the Guild - so old, in fact, that nobody remembers his actual name.

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Post by Violet »

Claimed and granted by and to me.

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Post by Violet »

Consider this the 0.01 release. In that it's nowhere near done, I'm just probably done for the night.

What is done:


Nothing, yet.

Spearmouth Inn:

The Arenthian (DONE)
Faustina Cartia (DONE)
Old Man Theft (DONE)

New and implemented (Spearmouth Inn):

Correna Varius (Colo-Redguard, f, Rogue, Rank 3 TG), just there to fill in space, PC Anvil Interior Sheet only had the above 3 TG members listed in the inn and it's a fairly sizeable interior, so she's here just to make it look less empty.

Kizrue (Cathay Khajiit, m, Publican of Spearmouth Inn), owner of the Spearmouth Inn. As a Khajiit he's no stranger to thieves and the like, though he is not a Thieves Guild member himself, as far as Kizrue is concerned - any business is good business. Has a "don't ask, don't tell" mindset when it comes to his patrons and suggests his costumers do the same. I noticed in the PC Anvil Interior Sheet that Spearmouth's Publican wasn't listed, so made one up. Apologies if there was one thought up that I didn't see/remember.

Enrie (Breton, m, Gardener), a gardener who prefers this establishment as the other patrons leave him alone as long as he leaves them alone. He doesn't mind the illegal activity going on around him so long as they don't get him involved in it. He shows a large amount of disdain for anyone who approaches, including the PC. The reason for his existence is the same as Correna's.

Atrian Ennodius (Colo-Redguard, m, Barrister, price on your head guy, Rank 3 TG), a disgraced and expelled Barrister's Guild member, he now finds work for the Thieves Guild as a legal consultant and occasional smuggler when needed. He is able to use the connections he made as a member of the Barrister's Guild get quietly remove a bounty or two for the members of his new guild, for a price of course. Again, apologies if there was a price on your head guy already picked out that I'm unaware of.

"Join The Thieves Guild" should be set up properly (hopefully). Talk to The Arenthian in the basement to join.

"price on your head" is set up... For the vanilla faction (noticed during cleaning). Will fix next time.

Greeting 7 has maybe 4 or 5 of the Greetings implemented. None of the other dialogue has been implemented and a lot hasn't been written.
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