Anvil Mages Guild NPC and Dialogue [Charger24]

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Anvil Mages Guild NPC and Dialogue [Charger24]

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This is a claim to create the NPCs of the Mages Guild in Anvil City in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
Greeting 7
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest TD_Addon.esp
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main.esp
-Latest PC_Anvil.esp

Do not rename the interior cells.

List of all NPCs that will need to be made:
Tisia, (Redguard, f, Sorcerer) Wizard Rank. Current Head of the Guild Hall and on her way to retirement. Has a fascination with Lamia, and doesn’t care for much else aside from her own research into the subject. Hannibal Traven is her apprentice and heir to the position of Anvil Head of the Mages Guild. Her questline ends with her leaving the guild hall to pursue her research outside of the guild, moving back to Hegathe (her home) in the interest of attending a Lamia gathering near there. She then puts Hannibal Traven as the new head of the guild.

Felen Relas (Dunmer, m, alchemist) Guild Evoker. A rival to Hannibal, though it’s clear to him and everyone else that Tisia will choose Hannibal for her replacement. Has a reputation as a heartbreaker in Anvil. Barters ingredients and alchemy equipment, as well as offers training in Alchemy and (insert two other skills here).

Hannibal Traven (Breton, m, mage service) Guild Evoker. Doesn’t offer quests and advances to Wizard upon Tisia’s retirement. He is Tisia’s replacement and her apprentice both in the arcane and managerial spaces. As such, Hannibal’s main duty and role within the questline is in doing the paperwork for the jobs and services the Anvil guild hall provides, as well as keeping infighting to a minimum – something he struggles with when it comes to the current Carahil vs Baeralorn situation. If Carahil finds necromancy distasteful, Hannibal finds necromancy detestable. However, it should be made abundantly clear that both Hannibal’s and Carahil’s opinions on the matter are unpopular ones. Both in internal and external politics. Due to his personal bias against necromancers, he tries to stay out of the Carahil vs Baeralorn conflict, though Carahil has repeatedly attempted to suck him into the fight. Offers Spellmaking and Enchanting services (selling soul gems/scrolls, offers enchanting)

Thaurron (Bosmer, m, mage) Guild journeyman, spell merchant. Thaurron has friends in the Bosmer community, which includes many scouts. He can give a vague clue as to the location of the lost Mauloch Shrine near Sutch.

Solius Corcidius (Imperial, m, guild guide) Apprentice. Local Guild Guide, provides teleportation.

Vicea Entorea (Imperial, f, healer) Associate and Healer service. Is a spell merchant. Offers training in Restoration, Alteration, and Enchanting.

Carahil (Altmer, f, Mage, Apprentice Rank)Will offer the lower level quests. She is an expat from Firsthold in the Summerset Isles, Carahil has a dim view of necromancy as it is practiced by the easterners, and she finds the Court Wizard of Anvil – the fellow Mages Guild member Baeralorn – to be particularly distasteful. She deals with the more local and pressing jobs while Tisia is neck-deep in whatever subject that has caught her eye currently. Offers Illusion, Restoration, and Mysticism training.
Lines that have currently been written but need to be implemented:

ID: Tisia, under the "Someone In Particular" topic:

Within Castle Umbranox, you'll find Countess Millona Umbranox, as well as her Court Wizard Baeralorn, who is a fellow member of the guild. Palagrius Vinicius and Gebriel Verarche are my follow guild stewards of the Fighter's and Painter's Guild halls. Hirol Varollus is the Primate of the High Temple of Dibella, whereas Miledorus Cadmerius is the Lord Admiral of the West Navy. Lantin Chaskav is the guard captain.

Please use the prefix "PC_q2-Anv_" when implementing Tisia, Carahil, Hannibal Traven, and Felen Relas, and "PC_i2-Anv_" for the other members. Have fun and good luck.

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