[PC_q2_GC02_Journal] Treasures Fit for a Goblin [Kaiel]

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[PC_q2_GC02_Journal] Treasures Fit for a Goblin [Kaiel]

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PC_q2_GC02_Journal - "Treasures Fit for a Goblin"

Quest Description
A Broken Fang Tribe Goblin outside of Gula cave will forcegreet the player, asking them if they are strong, brave, like treasure, friendly, etc. Upon answering these questions, the Goblin will ask that you speak to the Chieftain inside, but will warn that if you have your weapon so much as drawn, they will assume you mean them harm and kill you on sight. Speaking with the Chieftain, he will reveal that, for reasons that are not for man, mer, and beast to know, their shaman has been wanting a magical weapon that is hidden in the Ayleid ruin Gulaida, but has had no luck, as the scouts keep getting killed by the Daedra there, so he asks you to do it. He gives you an option; either a goblin shaman, or a berserker, will be waiting at the entrance to assist you. Speak with them and they will follow you in. Battle your way through the dungeon to find the Ayleid weapon, and return it to the Chieftain - who will give you a goblin shield that aids in Block + Sneak. If your companion survived, he will give you a bonus gemstone or two. You will also be allowed to enter the cave without danger again, as long as you keep your weapon sheathed. If you choose to refuse to give the weapon, the chieftain will revoke your safety upon entering Gula Cave again.

You will need to place all of the creatures in Gula and Gulaida.
GetWeaponDrawn should work for the sheathed vs unsheathed mechanic.
The Goblin tribes, and any functions that may accompany them, have not been included to my knowledge yet, so don't worry too much about that just yet, as it'll likely be retroactively added to the goblins here at a later date.

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