[PC_q2_Tvy01_Journal] Treasures of Old Thraswatch [Unclaimed]

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[PC_q2_Tvy01_Journal] Treasures of Old Thraswatch [Unclaimed]

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PC_q2_Tvy01_Journal - Treasures of Old Thraswatch

Quest Description

Pollux Vadich, a Colovian commoner, can be found in the inn of Thresvy. His family were once reasonably wealthy landowners, but they lost all their belongings in the War against the Usurper. Pollux’ grandfather is said to have hidden the family treasures beneath their house, but with both his father and grandfather dead and Old Thraswatch in ruins (and infested with undead), Pollux has no idea where to go looking.

He suggests you go to the Praetorium in Anvil and search the records. You will need to speak with Junius Vestasius and convince him to allow you to see it, either through persuasion (high disposition) or errand (a simple delivery quest). You can also speak with his superior, Hago Millirius, who will override Junius if you can convince him (some dialogue tree-based game, a riddle perhaps? Maybe getting him some fancy amulet or something?). Get the map of Old Thraswatch, find the old Vadich residence, and find the treasure. You finish the quest by going back to Pollux and either splitting the treasure with him, giving him all of it, or giving him none of it.


The latest rumor relating to the quest is already implemented. Please make sure to add a journal condition to it in order for it to stop appearing once the player finishes the quest (feel free to add an additional rumor if you want about it, maybe in Thresvy instead, but any additional latest rumor dialogue is entirely optional and should only be added if you feel that it significantly enhances the experience. Sometimes less is more).

"Pollux Vadich won't shut up about his grandfather and Old Thresvy, spinning tales of lost treasure. I guess everyone needs something to hold on to."

Infragris had already written down some dialogue for this quest, please refer to/use it when claiming this quest, the Latest Rumors was replaced with the one above. It might be a good idea to edit the rumor above to include the directions and such, but that's up to the claimant. Please read the linked document:
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