[PC_q2_Anv08_Journal] An Apprentice for Varel [gabe]

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[PC_q2_Anv08_Journal] An Apprentice for Varel [gabe]

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PC_q2_Anv08_Journal - An Apprentice for Varel

Quest Description

Varel Morvayn, the smith who runs Morvayn's Peacemakers, has been running his shop by himself for years, decades even. As an elf, he's been able to keep up for longer than most of his competition in Anvil, but old age catches up with us all eventually. He has no plans for retiring, but would like to get an apprentice, and is willing to offer the player a nice cuirass or weapon (nothing fancy) or something if they're willing to look for one for him. After searching around, the player will eventually come across Enilroth, a bosmer staying in the Seaside Flophouse East. Enilroth himself has been looking for work, particularly at a smithy, but he has no confidence in himself, as he has never worked at a smithy. You'll need to convince him through persuasion.


This is intended as a short and sweet quest, as well as a prequel to Enilroth being Morvayn's apprentice in Oblivion. One that can be done as early as fresh off the boat at level 1. It's designed to get the player to speak with many people and explore the city, albeit on a surface level, and get a reward that a player can use immediately - one that is extremely useful in the early game, but is something to sell for mid and high level players.

The claimant will be required to create the Enilroth NPC and place him just outside of the Seaside Flophouse East (with Wander set to 0), which has not been NPC'd yet. He'll be moved inside on merge and when the interior is NPC'd.

The Latest Rumors directing the player to the quest has already been partially implemented. The claimant will need to add in a Not ID; Enilroth condition to it though. It is as followed:

"I hear Varel Morvayn, the Dark Elf, has been looking for an apprentice. He's been running a smithy in Anvil for decades, so I guess he's earned the right to pass on his knowledge."

The claimant will also need to add a filter for the Latest Rumors line so that it can't be given after completing the quest.

Please follow the guidelines for Enilroth below when NPCing:
Enilroth(Bosmer, m, commoner): common Bosmer. Wants to become a smith's apprentice.

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