Anvil Painters Guild NPC and Dialogue[Unclaimed]

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Anvil Painters Guild NPC and Dialogue[Unclaimed]

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This is a claim to create the NPCs of the Guild of Painters in Anvil City in the CS and write general dialogue for the settlement in the following topics:
Greeting 7
"latest rumors"
"little advice"
"little secret"
"my trade"
"someone in particular"
"specific place"
Load the following files and save as a new esp:
-Latest Cyrodiil_Main,esp
-Latest PC_Anvil.esp
Do not rename the interior cells.

Gebriel Verache (Breton, m, commoner) Guild master of the Guild of Painters, Anvil chapter.
Olius Therraeus (Imperial, m, commoner) Teacher and guild elder in the Guild of Painters.
Celethril (Altmer, m, scribe) Guild elder and legal consultant.
Lesia Callo (Imperial, f, commoner) Guild journeyman.
S’Karra (Khajiit, f, commoner) Guild journeyman.
The following dialogue line has been written but needs to be implemented:

ID: Gebriel Varache, under the "Someone In Particular" topic:

Countess Millona Umbranox is the Countess of County Anvil. You can find her, and her Court Wizard Baeralorn, in Castle Umbranox, along with Lantin Chaskav, captain of the city guard. Tisia is the steward of the Mages Guild, and Palagrius Vinicius the steward of the Fighter's Guild. Raco Derrissa is the owner of The Abecette. Citisorus and Hirol Varollus are the head priests of the Temple of the First Breath and temple Primate of the High Temple of Dibella, respectively.

Please use the prefix "PC_q2-Anv_" for the NPC IDs of Gebriel Varache and "PC_i2-Anv_" for the rest of the NPCs.

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