[PC_q2_GC04_Journal] Ghost on the Highway [Unclaimed]

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[PC_q2_GC04_Journal] Ghost on the Highway [Unclaimed]

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PC_q2_GC04_Journal - "Ghost on the Highway"

Rumors in Brina Cross as well as around the stables and taverns of Anvil speaks of how travelers have begun avoiding traveling too late in the day between the two settlements. Several travelers have seen and been chased by a ghostly figure at the bend just north of the Strident Floodlands (somewhere around -122, -49) when traveling late at night. Investigating further, the player will be directed towards a stable worker or errand boy at the Anvil stables who can give a firsthand account. He was travelling back from Brina Cross after making a delivery there, and his party was attacked by an apparition. He also tells that they were a smaller group, but curiously only the men were attacked, getting pushed and scratched by the figure. They made haste towards Anvil, and the ghost didn't follow them. He and others will also blame it on the Usurper's rampage through the area and the haunted ruin of Old Thraswatch. The player can investigate the haunting themselves, they will also be advised to speak to visit one of the temples in County Anvil (NOTE: If you wish, you may create your own NPC for this quest and stick them in one of the Anvil temples for the purposes of this quest, otherwise keep the line relating to it generic and filtered for both the Cyrodiil, Great Faiths faction and the "PC_County = 1" local variable). The temple priest(s) will advise you to bring a Calm spell or scroll with you if the ghost is found to be unreasonably aggressive.

If you are male, you will be attacked by a ghost if travelling between 9 PM - 3 AM. The ghost can be killed but will reappear the next night. If the player is female, the ghost will appear but be calm. The player can talk to the ghost if they are female, or if they use a calm spell on it.

The ghost will give its name as Acelia Miralis. She was a pilgrim wandering the Highway from the Imperial City towards the Great Temple of Dibella in Anvil, wanting to join the acolytes there. But shortly before reaching her goal, she was assaulted and strangled by a man travelling with a pack donkey. She points the player towards her body, which should be hidden out of the way behind rocks nearby. She wants revenge and asks the player to find her killer. It was an unsavory man travelling from Brina Cross on his donkey. The player should investigate in Brina Cross. Several people will remember seeing the girl. Asking around will lead to several suspects, people who have travelled between BC and Anvil on the given day. The murderer will be a man working for the aliyew distillery. He transports aliyew to Anvil, where he lives in one of the slum apartment. He shouldn't be too easy to find, and most clues should be based on appearance and occupation. When the player finds him and confronts him, he immediately confesses. He's clearly a depraved alcoholic based on dialogue and his apartment. The player can then either 1. Attack him 2. Say he'll report him and take him to the officials (he will attack) or 3. say his secret is safe with the player (or some other evil solution). The player can get a reward for solving the murder from a guard captain. Possibly a token from a Temple chaplain as well.

You will need to create the rumor(s) to go along with this quest, as well as both the ghost and any additional NPCs created for the quest. Use the prefix PC_q2-GC04_(Ghost name) for the Ghost and if you create any additional NPCs for Anvil or Brina Cross respectively, their IDs should be PC_q2-Anv_(first name) and PC_q2-BC_(first name).

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