[PC_q2_BC04_Journal] A Woman Named Petri [Unclaimed]

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[PC_q2_BC04_Journal] A Woman Named Petri [Unclaimed]

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PC_q2_BC04_Journal "A Woman Named Petri"

Larenis Maricius, a retired Legion officer, asks you to investigate his neighbor, Petri. She's been boasting about being a retired soldier, telling stories that Maricius is particularly suspicious of. He suggests you visit Fort Strand and speak to Sapilius Tarvetius there, as Petri claims to have been stationed there at one point. Maricius also suggests looking through Petri's house - but to not confront Petri herself. When speaking to Sapilius, he does remember someone similar to Petri's description, but doesn't recognize the name. He suggests asking Sorius Lavin if he knows anything - a retired officer currently living in the Canal West Tenaments in the slums of Anvil (PC_i2-Anv48). Sorius remembers there was a redguard woman named Rayina who was a soldier in his platoon who had abandoned her station. She left the Legion, or more accurately was kicked out, and then dropped off the map. If you searched her house, you will find a letter to Rayina back around that time, giving some additional context. You have two main options for completing the quest; Give this information to Larenis, in which he plans on exposing Petri as a liar and coward, or speak to Petri on the subject, in which she will admit it and ask that you keep her secret.

You will need to create the NPC Sorius Lavin and place him in interior "PC_i2-Anv48" (which will be renamed "Anvil, Canal West Tenaments" during NPCing) in Anvil. Use "PC_q2-Anv_Sorius" for Sorius Lavin's ID. You will also need to create the latest rumors line for Brina Cross. I also feel like it might be fun to add a rumor if Petri's secret is found out, but I'll leave that for the claimant to decide.

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