Drugs: Quaesto Vil [Kynesifar]

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Drugs: Quaesto Vil [Kynesifar]

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Quaesto Vil: a rare, expensive compound of marsh herbs and rice wine, infused by the spirit of a serpentine Daedra which inhabits the bottle. An ink-black, viscous fluid. Bottles are often equipped with a built-in eyedropper. Quaesto Vil leads to enhanced awareness, sensations, and in some cases visceral hallucinations and "waking nightmares". Some believe it can be used to predict the future, though most likely these visions are windows into the realm of Vaernima. Very popular among fortune-tellers and Vaernimite cults. Prolonged use can cause the user to experience visions even without consuming the liquid, leading to paranoia, panic attacks, and insomnia. The visions increase in length and frequency, until the addict can no longer perceive the difference between the real world and the nightmare. Wild rumors claim that people can be physically assaulted by things they see in their dreams.
  • Quaesto Vil: small glass vial, sealed with lead and filled with an ink-black substance.
  • Torporic Quaesto Vil: (optional): a more expensive-looking version.

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Concept by Ateiggaer:


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