Markarth Side Thieves Guild Questline

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Markarth Side Thieves Guild Questline

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Written with MammaHyena.

The MKTG is led by Tamlaech Twice-Hanged, and are more close-knit than their compatriots in KW or DS. There are two questlines for the Guild here: a more conventional one for characters of any rank/level, and a more structured ongoing story for high-ranking members of the TG.

First questline
MKTG01: Alberra Stenne, an unaffiliated mage working in the city, recently pawned a considerable amount of amber with a Guild fence. However, it wasn’t amber at all; in fact, it seems to be nothing more than alchemical byproducts with a passing resemblance to the gemstone. The player is tasked with not only recovering what the Guild paid Alberra (or its equivalent in goods), but returning the fake amber to send a message.

MKTG02: Vadas Marvani, an agreeable Dunmer merchant living in Markarth, has a problem. A Hlaalu guest staying at his house has gifted him the stuffed head of an Argonian slave, and Vadas is horrified. His sense of propriety and hospitality, however, prevent him from rejecting the gift or removing it while the guest is under his roof. Thus, he wants the Guild to remove the trophy from his house while giving him a plausible alibi for its disappearance.

MKTG03: Temba’ra, a Ra-Habi Company representative at Elfstone Keep, has a job for the Guild. She has failed in her assignment to convince the king to lower his tariffs for Ra-Habi merchants, and so she wants to forge an agreement instead. The player is tasked with acquiring a document bearing the king’s seal from the castle, taking it to the Guild forger in Karthwasten so that he can copy the seal, and finally delivering the forged document to the Ra-Habi Company Hall in Dragonstar West.

MKTG04: The Guild has no plans to move against the Dragon-Heart Clan’s mighty vault, but they’d still appreciate a better idea of its security and contents in case that changes. The player is tasked with posing as a prospective client of the clan who wishes to inspect the vault, requiring them to dress well and pass social checks in order to case the joint. They will be heavily watched and guarded, so there will be little opportunity to commit any actual thievery, but they will be well-rewarded by the Guild when they return with their report.

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