Beorinhal Fighter's guild Quests

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Beorinhal Fighter's guild Quests

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Beorinhal Fighter’s Guild questline


Similar to the town itself the guild has become less important and is receiving less lucrative contracts following the war. Some of it’s more skilled members have moved on to different guildhalls. Despite this the Sundered hills have only become more dangerous recently.


See Yeti's character proposal.

Guild Master: Ysanna Maurcois – Female Breton Warrior – Fighters Guild, Guardian
Ysanna is the Steward of the Beorinhal Guild of Fighters, a tough warrior happy to live on the harsh frontier. She has extensive knowledge of the Sundered Hills, including its many ruins and landmarks. Close friend of Turrid Raven-Bone. - Yeti
Wuurik Swift-Hunter: A local scout and member of the guild
Lucina Sintav: Colovian warrior who owes some debts to people in the town.


Stolen Sword: The guildmaster had a dispute with Lucina. She stole the guildmaster’s weapon. The player is sent to track her down and return it.

Lucina Sintav has built up some debts while in town and had to pawn off their shield as collateral. She stole the guildmaster’s weapon because she hasn’t been paid for her recent assignments. Returning their shield will earn their gratitude and a free shield training session. Otherwise the player will have to fight her until she submits.

Stalking Sabres: Clever man’s apprentice was collecting ingredients outside of town when they noticed they were being followed by two sabre cats. Worried that it may deter travellers and merchants from passing through, the guild has been hired to track down and kill the sabre cats.

You meet Wuurik Swift-Hunter outside of town and follow him as he tracks the sabres for a short time. Once you reach their den a few things could play out. The hunter could be reluctant about helping you unless you pay him extra. Also maybe he could ask for the sabre pelts and in return craft a sabre cat helm for you.

Reward could include potions made by the town’s cleverman.

Captive Guard: The fighter’s guild has been hired to track down a missing guard. Outcast reachmen are suspected of holding the guard captive. The town guard doesn't want to be spotted by the outlaws in case they kill the captive. This could take the player to Old Hroldun so they could ask the reachmen there about the outlaws.

The player could be sent with a ransom. When trading with the outlaws a group of guards could spring an ambush while they are distracted, turning the Reachmen hostile and forcing the player to fight their way out. Turrid could lead the attack to show her hot-headedness.

Barrow Battle: The player is sent to a barrow after Lucina Sintav failed to return from an assignment. If they have returned her shield they will find Lucina wounded beside her broken shield. The player can then give her an intervention scroll to get back. Lucina will tell the player that a minotaur is the one disturbing the barrow. The player can then kill the minotaur for a full reward.

The player could also receive Lucina’s shield which could have a useful enchantment.

Other quests

Trophy Hunting: A hunter in Beorinhal asks the player to collect various trophies(pelts/ingredients) from local beasts as he knows a collector who will pay a premium price for them. Just as an easy way for warrior type characters to gain gold.

Elder’s expertise: Convince an old Nord war veteran to join the guild and provide training services to the town. He could ask you to retrieve a stash of gold that he hid during the war or to prove your skill. (Might be nice for Markarth FG)

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