Old Wizard NPC+Quest [Unclaimed]

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Old Wizard NPC+Quest [Unclaimed]

Post by Texafornian » Wed May 15, 2019 9:27 pm

Load the following and save as a new esp:
- Latest Sky_Main
- Latest DS Section File (not active!)

Don't rename the cell, but feel free to suggest a name.


Sky_iRe_DH35 is a long-forgotten Direnni Watchtower inhabited by a single wizard:
Roerich and I (Scamp) have been discussing this tower back in the day, the basic idea was to make this the permanent residence of an old, rogue-like wizard, similar to Baladas Demnevanni in Arvs-Drelen.

He shouldn't be hostile initially - I'd rather like to see this as a part of a significant quest or questline, being the main reason why players would travel to the top of the mesa. I imagine he'd be interested in Direnni artifacts, sort-of analogue to Divayth Fyr, and it might be necessary to impress him by bringing a unique piece from Anga Tor Angturiel as a gift to make him talkative.
This claim is for the NPC, his dialogue, and the simple fetch quest. Please post your WIP dialogue below or upload it into a shareable doc. Don't include any filters for your dialogue based on quest items - that can be done later.

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