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Sky_Main_2018_07_31 NPC or quest related

Post by rot » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:23 pm

Thieves guild

Sky_iRe_KW_Lorvacah00000000 Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -199 -532 2 "no 'advancement' or 'promotion' topic was ever linked for the thieves guild, only 'jobs'"
Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_Kanah00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3761 8119 14181 "she has no 'advancement' topic either"

Sky_iRe_KW_Jenah00000000 Karthwasten, Ruby Drake Inn 890 441 14 "she wants aladoer's book, wanted to check how hard it would be to steal so said nevermind, broke into all rooms and found no special book. or does it somehow pop into existence only with the other dialogue choice"
Sky_qRE_KwTG01_Book Karthwasten, Ruby Drake Inn 1079 1018 722 "book she talks about doesn't exist until you tell her you'll steal it"

Sky_iRe_KW_Lorvacah00000000 Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -200 -531 2 "killed Corelyn: topic 'jobs' is still 'You need to take care of Corelyn', topic 'Corelyn' says 'Is there a void between your ears', stuck there"
Sky_iRe_KW_Lorvacah00000000 Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -200 -531 2 "same for failing the Jolnor vintage wine job, still says 'A very special client'... in 'jobs'. For that quest she implied failure would cut you from the guild but that didn't happen"
Sky_iRe_KW_Lorvacah00000000 Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -200 -531 2 "topic Vintage Wofls 'You DRANK ... more important either of us' . also same as other failures, she still greets about jobs and talks about this one"
Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_Kanah00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3757 8111 14181 "if detected on Rianard job, stuck same way, she still asks 'We need to gather information on Rianard's work' on topic 'jobs', says 'How could you' on topic 'Rianard's work' and nothing else happens"

Sky_iRe_KW_Corelyn00000000 Karthwasten, Corelyn's House -486 -144 3 "high speechcraft on Corelyn saying her life is in danger here gives journal 'I convinced Corelyn to give up her thieving ways' but aren't you actually just convincing her to leave? also when talking to her after that her greeting becomes 'I want the Cassius family dagger'?"

T_Nor_FurnM_Bed_01 Karthwasten, Cassius Manor 1059 1610 383 "corelyn says first floor bedroom for cassius dagger, there are two messy bedrooms on first floor, after very long search neither has a unique dagger, nor any window access for her story about the wife coming through the door"
Sky_qRE_KwTG03_Dagger Karthwasten, Cassius Manor 499 1783 165 "'first floor' actually meant the ground floor...:D"

Sky_iRe_KW_Lorvacah00000000 Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -200 -531 2 "after snitching on corelyn she says she heard that karth was free of the scourge known as Corelyn, but corelyn was still in her house seconds before I talked to her, she disappeared right after"

Sky_qRE_KWTG03B_Jean00000000 Karthwasten, Jolnor: Trader 330 369 373 "she's stuck walking against furniture and never moves away from the wine"
T_Nor_FurnM_Chair_01 Karthwasten, Jolnor: Trader 268 262 301 "because there's a screwed up pathgrid here going through the chairs and into nothing"

Sky_qRE_KWTG04_Key Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern 74 -335 39 "'Key to the Tunnels' could use karthwasten in the name"

Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_Kanah00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3753 8108 14181 "map of the tunnels 'Last I heard, the map is in a locked chest somewhere on the first floor' it's going to be ground level again isn't it"
T_Rga_SetReach_Door_01 Karthwasten, City Barracks 1475 -1128 -247 "even more confusing because there are two ground floors, one from behind the back. Also, you can freely access this door by coming down the stairs from the front entrance..."
T_Rga_SetReach_Door_01 Karthwasten (-105,5) -854712 47180 2390 "... but it's locked on the other side"

Sky_iRe_KW_Shog00000000 Karthwasten, Hall of the Boar Snout Clan 4371 2999 16002 "journal 'I was given a job to recover an heirloom' doesn't link the topic 'lost heirloom'"

Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_Kanah00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3748 8102 14181 "she doesn't take the map of the tunnels, so you'll have 2 when she gives it later. also if you've already put the fake back in the chest and come back but don't have the map in inventory she still tells you to bring it to the forger at the docks"

Sky_Reach_kw_thievesG_g01 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3680 7984 14180 "kanah's last reward 'fortify sneak on touch' probably meant to be on self"

Sky_qRE_KWTG07_List Karthwasten Caves, Sur-Rata Caverns 183 4281 -994 "'when the city is not primed' not?"

Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_Kanah00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 3744 8094 14181 "her reply to 'sogat dur-g' doesnt change after betraying them (or killing them with the bounties file), not sure if 'map of the tunnels' is supposed to change at some point when she needs to cut a deal? it says 'we'll be safe down here'"

Not thieves guild

Script Error: EXPRESSION in sky_qRe_KW01_Ala_Book1
Left eval
same with the other scripts sky_qRe_KW01_Ala_

Sky_iRe_KW_Eancor00000000 Karthwasten, Eancor: Enchanter 4376 3878 16388 "sells the ridiculously cheap ring of lightning storm, up to 400 damage, it's vanilla but at least vanilla gives it in random lists at higher levels and not available for sale at lv 1"

Sky_iRe_KW_Selenya00000000 Karthwasten, Selenya: Mage -305 545 322 "sells Fortify Skill spells"

Sky_xRE_KW_Yagwhan00000000 Karthwasten (-105,6) -858157 51318 1600 "latest rumor 'A missionary from the Imperial Cult' directly opens a quest journal, I'm just looking for rumors about dovica here..."
Sky_iRe_KW_Dada-Dar00000000 Karthwasten, Imperial Cult Chapel 5181 3801 15903 "can't even close that journal by coming to him and saying no, and I never wanted that quest, which is why it's better to make the rumor's journal 'finished' and add 'restart' to the next journal states"

Sky_iRe_kw42_logbook Karthwasten, City Barracks, Jail -533 -576 58 "logbooks blank, should they have a description"

Sky_iRe_KW_Cave_RG_Pris00000000 Karthwasten Caves, Sur-Rata Caverns -1760 5368 -427 "my trade 'Isn't it obvious? I'm a prisoner.' that's not a trade or is he a professional fake prisoner"

Sky_iRe_LH_aldk_cave_0700000001 The Reach, Skjuggefald Deeps, Crypt 475 -6960 85 "his skeletons didn't defend him, can simply add follow in their ai package properties"

Sky_iRe_KW_Tenebe00000000 Karthwasten, Imperial Cult Chapel 3983 3137 16194 "service refusal 'I only offer my services to members of the (doublespace) Skyrim..."
Sky_iRe_KW_Dada-Dar00000000 Karthwasten, Imperial Cult Chapel 5179 3802 15903 "can't find any scroll of divine intervention to buy or steal here, services are blocked for members but can't join. kw enchanter does sell them tho"

T_Nor_Set_BannerTownKarthw_01 Karthwasten, Red Palace 4063 4192 14176 "banners have ownership, crime reported for touching them"

T_SkyCom_Furn_ChHv1WpnNo Karthwasten, Bazaar 3943 5039 14697 "missing ownership"
T_Imp_Legion_Arrow_01 Karthwasten, Bazaar 3884 5012 14676 "missing ownership"
T_SkyCom_Var_Cr7Arrow1 Karthwasten, Bazaar 3731 4862 14617 "missing ownership"

T_Bk_TheAlikrSHOTN Karthwasten (-105,5) -855113 43796 2734 "no ownership"
T_Rga_Hookah_02 Karthwasten (-105,5) -855146 43734 2727 "no ownership, and also no NPC here"
Sky_xRe_KW_Jembika00000000 Karthwasten (-105,5) -854547 43449 2683 "was it supposed to be her standing near the hookah? if so she wandered away"

T_Bk_SeaOfGhostsSHOTN Karthwasten, The Droopy Mare: Tavern -2 -222 328 "no ownership"

Furn_De_Firepit_F_01 The Reach, Lorchwuir Heath (-103,3) -842067 25714 2040 "is the fire here supposed to be lit? no one around"
light_logpile_128 The Reach, Lorchwuir Heath (-102,0) -830916 7783 3079 "is this camp supposed to be empty?"

Fighters guild

Sky_iRe_KW_Geod00000000 Karthwasten, Guild of Fighters 4741 3693 15875 "'join the Karthwasten Fighters Guild' probably going to be outdated as a topic instead of province 'join the Fighters Guild'?"

Sky_qRe_KWFG01_Target00000000 The Reach, Vorndgad Forest (-103,9) -841576 78627 114 "did it spawn between a tree and rock? can't move" maybe reduce its wander ai from 900

Sky_iRe_KW_Ildos00000000 Karthwasten, Ildos Norvor's House -345 -37 323 "'I had hoped for someone more senior' does he check? no, consoled my rank to master of the skyrim FG and he still hoped for someone more senior"
T_Nor_Set_Signpost_01 The Reach, Lorchwuir Heath (-105,3) -856086 31628 2467 "'road south out of Karthwasten to Vorngyrd's Stand' in dialogue, here the roadsigns don't say which way vorngyrd's stand is. the way is south and east, also the cell is Vorngyd not Vorngyrd" there are some more Vorngyrd in dialogue and Sky_qRe_KWFG03_Note

Sky_iRe_KW_Geod00000000 Karthwasten, Guild of Fighters 4741 3691 15875 "missing caravan 'assist me with... an unrelated matter' - topic is not linked, probably because it didn't have an available entry before the journal condition which you only get just after this dialogue"
Sky_iRe_KW_Geod00000000 Karthwasten, Guild of Fighters 4741 3692 15875 "journal 'Geod has asked me to kill Frinad'... doesnt link the topic 'an unrelated matter' which gives directions to the manor"
T_Rga_SetReach_DoorDouble_01 The Reach, Lorchwuir Heath (-102,5) -833277 42080 2409 "also that topic says it's 'to the southeast of town' - technically it's straight east, can't walk between but simply going southeast would probably lead you away from it, most obvious route is leave south then follow the road east before going back around north-east? where the sign at the crossroads points to karthwasten in opposite directions"

Sky_qRe_KWFG03_Note Karthwasten, Guild of Fighters 4898 3615 15917 "strangely heavy note"

T_Bk_HeavyArmorRepairSHOTN Karthwasten, Gilded-Shield Manor, Barracks 3466 4226 16384 "this isn't a skill book?"

Sky_iRe_KW_Geod00000000 Karthwasten, Guild of Fighters 4723 3698 15875 "missing caravan 'come back in a day or two' nothing days later, is the 'ring of the double-edged torch' the additional reward missing caravan was talking about? also journal said he refuses to pay if you don't kill frinald but he did pay 100 gold, but gives the ring and no gold if you do kill"
^that was script Sky_qRe_KWFG03_sc_Loot doesn't work because of "if ( ( daysPassed - dayHold ) > 0 )", would be easier in Geod's local script anyway since that global script is started on himself
I didn't get this ingame but his dialogue if that script does work says "Here, take this. It’s a cut of the ongoing contract fee." doesn't give anything in the results tho

Sky_iRe_KW_Irja00000000 Karthwasten, Gilded-Shield Manor 5874 3228 16420 "his huscarl doesn't join rolic in a fight if he's taunted, just needs follow on him in ai properties"
Sky_iRe_KW_Irja00000000 Karthwasten, Gilded-Shield Manor 5876 3226 16420 "their dialogue about rolic in greeting and Karthwasten topics doesn't change if he's dead"

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