[Book] The Song of the Labyrinth

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[Book] The Song of the Labyrinth

Post by Violet » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:24 am

"The song of the Labyrinth"

by Thelen Kaarn, 3E 386

[Author's note: This song has been in my family since, from what I've been told, the late First Empire. I can't claim whether or not this is true, but it is still something worth mentioning. I've merely brought this nearly forgotten song forth so it is not forgotten by history and our people.]

"This is the tale of two brothers,
who sought the secret of life.
They ventured into this labyrinthian,
weary from war and strife.

The first was Kanen the Elder,
a strong and cunning man.
He quested for riches and jewels,
yet found Orkey had other plans.

The second was Mogrus the Dim,
and few knew what he was worth.
They saw only the lumbering giant,
not the child who was blessed at birth.

Kanen had spoken of treasure,
Glamoril beckoned his ear.
To descend into Labyrinthian,
and be free of Old Knocker's sneer.

The few they told of their plans,
begged them to desist at their feet.
But the brothers would test this puzzle to the North,
for till then they had known no defeat.

Mogrus the Dim had followed his brother,
into the web of stone and death.
At the fork the left each other,
And apart, held their last breath.

Mogrus fell first, eaten in full,
Cleaved to Dragon's Jot.
Kanen fell second, starved and poisoned,
And the brothers were left to rot.

The Glamoril is still waiting,
somewhere by watchful eye.
The stubborn magicks of Shalidor protecting,
where the secret of life still lies.

This is the tale of two brothers,
who failed the secret of life.
Forever held by two riddles which lead to the prize,
and a wit as cunning, and sharp as a knife..."
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Post by Violet » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:26 am

Notes that aren't supposed to be in the actual book:
1 - "Jot" is Dovahzul for Jaw.
2 - The first, second, third, fifth, and last come straight from Arena with the small tweak of Arena's mention of "Fate" to "Orkey".
3 - Glamoril is also from Arena, it's what the 'secret of life' is referring to in Arena so I figured it's already mentioning it so might as well call it by name.
4 - "Thelen Kaarn" is the name of the questgiver in Arena's Winterhold/Fortress of Ice/Labyrinthian section. He's the Winterhold Mages Guild's Loremaster.

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