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Snowline Planning

Post by Kaiel » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:14 am

Snowline is a tier 4 settlement per Sload's scale.

Tier IV: villages, between 15 and 5 interiors. Feature a single tavern, tradehouse or inn, very limited in other services. Governed by notable citizens, or representatives of more centralized power. Usually no faction quest-givers. Examples: Snowline, Dunlain, Azra's Crossing

I would recommend Snowline be on the small side, since it was only 4 houses in Shadowkey, maybe 5-8 houses now, to reflect some new buldings in the past 30 years. Of the original inhabitants, only Rilora and possibly Llewydr remain. Sissithik and Wendek were elderly and would have passed away by now, and Tanyin and Porliss moved to Dragonstar. In the years since Shadowkey, the town has served as a deposit point for refugees fleeing Dragonstar and Jehanna due to their occupations. Thus, it is now a small village of Bretons and Redguards.

Proposed Inhabitants:
Rilora(Breton, f, apothecary): An older woman who has lived in Snowline since the War of the Bend'r Mahk. She used to collect herbs to send back to her sister, Penelope, who runs the Herbarium in Dragonstar East, but the two have been estranged for many years at this point.
Llewydr(Altmer, f, alchemist): An Altmer alchemist who tends to her herbs in a house area south of the main town. Has a decades-long running feud with Rilora.
Damian Antienne(Breton, m, publican): Owner of the local inn, used to thrive off wartime travel, now is struggling to get by.
Maiko(Redguard, m, commoner): A refugee from Dragonstar, has been living in Snowline since he was a child. Now the father of a small family.
Gwyssa(Breton, f, commoner):Maiko's wife, daughter of a local farmer.
Ethne(Reachmen, f, commoner): Refugee.
Vist(Reachmen, m, commoner): Refugee.
Drest(Reachmen, m, pauper): Refugee.
Rasniri-Ra(Ohmes-raht, m, pauper): Refugee.
Zylle(Redguard, f, pauper): Refugee.

Thoughts on Snowline and possible planning should go here to keep things organized. This will be good to have when the West Reach Rural set is finished and exterior claims are opened.

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