Gilded Hills Exterior: GC_08 [Unclaimed] [Seppaki]

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Gilded Hills Exterior: GC_08 [Unclaimed] [Seppaki]

Post by Infragris » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:00 pm

A stretch of cliffside coasts and seafloor cells. Most important is the town of Seppaki, which is a small trade outpost and remote sea port for Sutch, founded by Redguard merchant cartels. The town lies on a small stretch of beach beneath a massive cliff, and consists of a stone docks, two or three warehouses (Anvil building style) and a number of shacks (GC rural style). The southern part of this claim includes a location earmarked as a hidden shrine to Mauloch, which a number of Orcs in Anvil are looking for. The exterior should be a simple cave.

The nearby seafloor and cliff-side claims would be excellent for more grottoes and for shipwrecks. One or two other points of interest would also be good.
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Check the Claim map topic for information on this region.

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