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Stirk - Dialog

Post by worsas » Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:04 pm

Use this thread to propose dialog snippets for Stirk

Generic first time greetings for Stirk I wrote up recently:

1. What leads a %PCClass to a place like Stirk? If you're here for someone in particular or in need of a little advice, I'll be happy to help out.
2. I have not seen your face before. What is it you're looking for on an island like Stirk? Any specific place or any of the local services?
3. Welcome to Stirk, %PCRace. Are you looking for a specific place or someone in particular? I know this little island like the back of my hand.
4. Good day, stranger. You're new to Stirk, right? I guess, you may be interested in a little advice or this and that little secret, while you're here.
5. We don't get see new people very often around here. So what has led you to Stirk, traveller? Is it about a specific place or one of the local services? I can recommend you the XXX Tavern, if you're looking for a place to stay overnight.

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