Anvil Fighters' Guild Proposal

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Anvil Fighters' Guild Proposal

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My proposal for the Anvil fighters' Guild, based on ideas from discord and the planned quests in this thread:

PC_q2-AnvFG01: Wet Feet: A basement has flooded in the sailor’s district, and some slaughterfish have gotten in. Exterminate them.

PC_q2-AnvFG02: Pellus' Debts: A merchant named Pellus Kalanius has run up quite the debt at the Abecette casino. Go shake him out to return the debt.

PC_q2-AnvFG03: Repossess and Return: A nobleman staying in town has ordered an expensive painting made by the Guild of Painters. However, he has bailed on his payments. Find the nobleman, and repossess the painting. Return it to the craftsman who made it.

PC_q2-AnvFG04: Lost in the Lowlands: A rabid Highlands bear has come down from the mountains and terrorizes the trade road. Find its lair and kill it.

PC_q2-AnvFG05: Stone Cold: Pirates have been harassing ship traffic near Thresvy. The player must go to Thresvy and ask around. Once there, they are told of a pirate cove to the north. They find Stonehead cave and must clear the place.

PC_q2-AnvFG06: Growing Up: Palagrius, the Guild Guardian, has just initiated his son Rufrius into the guild, but the boy is still green. Take him delving into a nearby ruin and bring back an artifact. Rufrius will be hesitant at first, you can either convince him to come with you or go get the artifact alone and pretend he helped.

PC_q2-AnvFG07: Perils of Thesigir: A gang of bandits has been signaled in a cave called the Thesigir Chasm. Kill their leader. Also, this chasm is said to be home to a legendary animal, a massive troll or bristleback living in the deepest recesses of the place. If you kill it (cool weapon or armor), Palagrius will be very impressed.

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