SHotN Oddities and Bugs

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Re: SHotN Oddities and Bugs

Post by Texafornian » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:16 am

EDIT: Fixes have been implemented in latest InDev file.

T_Imp_StuddedLeather_cuirass_01 (deprecated armor) needs to be replaced on the following NPCs:

Karthwasten's latest rumors and little secret topic entries need to be checked (local var conditions in particular). The "[...]" entries need to be replaced or deleted depending on how the other entries shake out.

"Goodbye" should probably be removed from the disease greetings to prevent broken quests and to place them more in line with vanilla behavior (mort: "vanilla corprus disease doesn't even have a goodbye")
* Apothecary-specific disease greeting needs to be moved up

All non-quest horses need to have their movement packages removed.
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Post by Yeti » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:41 pm

Yeah, the "[...]" rumor is meant to be a placeholder for a future quest hook. I have something in mind for it, though, so it will get fixed.

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Post by Luxray » Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:17 pm

Nelisse horse quest bugged if you speak to Nelisse again without leaving camp.

": Someone wanted me to find their two horses and when I talked to them again without even leaving the camp and definitely not retuning their horse, they gave me 400 gold and told me to go find the second horse" -- Kaiel
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Post by Violet » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:38 pm

This bed doesn't have any collision (not just this one, but all of the ones I've found):


This walkway in Karthwasten is too low to the ground Nord males can't walk through it:


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Post by worsas » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:54 pm

Some small findings in the internal SkyMain.esp

T_Rga_SetReach_I_TileStairs_03 Karthwasten, South Guard Tower 4032 4056 13120 "you can't get upstairs"
T_Sky_Flora_BushPine2_01 Karthwasten (-104,5) -844074 45552 2775 "things are a little messy around here"
T_Imp_Furn_TapestryBast_09 Karthwasten, Nerus Lalrav's House 3776 4025 15763 "floating tapestry"

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Post by worsas » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:37 pm

rotouns wrote: T_Nor_SetPalisade_Stair_01 Karthwasten Caves, Tarnwasel Palace Ruins 1803 7642 12423 "impossible to walk down the stairs here"
T_Sky_CaveRE_I_Rock_18 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 4952 4831 14210 "impossible to pass here, not a tall race"

another blocker, tho it's possible to jump over the railing, not as impossible as the previous two
T_Sky_Cave_I_Railing_03 Karthwasten Caves, Sur-Rata Caverns -886 871 -391 "can't walk down the stairs here, probably blocked by cave shell on the left"

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Post by rot » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:27 pm

More minor reports

T_Rga_SetReach_X_Window_01 Karthwasten, Ruby Drake Inn 222 204 143 "flickers with the wall, fixed by setpos y 204"
T_Sky_CaveRE_I_Rock_18 Karthwasten Caves, Thieves Guild Hideout 2322 6217 14751 "caspering from the west"
T_Rga_SetReach_X_HouseRuin_06 The Reach, Lorchwuir Heath (-103,3) -841536 25744 1841 "can't pass through doorframe, empty ruin tho"

T_Sky_CaveRE_I_Stalagmite_14 The Reach, Vorndgad Forest, Bjagherd Hideout 3752 6065 15104 "collision box for an invisible stalagmite coming through the stairs? can't pass"
T_Sky_CaveRE_I_Stalagmite_14 The Reach, Vorndgad Forest, Bjagherd Hideout 3752 6065 15104 "tcb: the mesh is cut off but its collision is not"

T_He_DngDirenni_X_Wall_02 The Reach, Druadach Highlands (-109,7) -886528 62464 7488 "not perfectly joined with the wall mesh next to it, looking at the top"
T_He_DngDirenni_X_Wall_02 The Reach, Druadach Highlands (-109,8) -885440 67136 7488 "same but less, only a small gap under where the crenel joins"

Furn_BM_T_torchstand The Reach, Vorndgad Forest (-105,10) -852254 89954 2088 "dark light here, but there are fires"

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Post by MinerMan60101 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:44 pm

Jarl Jona instead of Jarla Jona
"them.Thane" missing a space

Can't go up these stairs

In either sky main or the bounties quest
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