Dialogue Error Reporting

Report any errors from the P:C public files here
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Dialogue Error Reporting

Post by worsas »

For errors in npc dialogue texts.

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Post by mort »

there's an NPC bandit named (lowercase) "benedrin" which I assume should be Benedrin

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Post by Outlander »

spotted some misspellings in Stirk's "heirloom" questline dialogue:

"What a pity. The old strenght of Colovia has truly withered"

"... we must first be reminded our our true Nordic ancestry. ..."

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Post by Lord Berandas »

In the latest release:
PC_Str_Quintex Doralis00000000 Stirk Isle Region (-136,-53) -1110401 -427276 72 "Quintex Doralis gives the topic option "Travel to Vvardenfell", which loops infinitely and answers lead nowhere."

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