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Discord Discussions - Winterhold

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Roerich - High altitude and snowy, ascending towards the coast which is vertical cliffs mostly. The city of Winterhold being located in a bay with the surrouding land declining towards the bay. To the north the broken cape shelters the bay from the storms of the Sea of Ghosts. Towards the south, there's a very mountainous region, with Mt. Arnthor to the SW being one of the highest peaks of Skyrim
i.e. similar to TES V, but more mountains
The four major district centers would be 1. palace 2. trade 3. college 4. foreign
There should be some giant stone structures close to the bay as well
on the top, north .. on the start of the broken cape

We said that the bottom level of the city should be the the trading district(not a final name just a description). That is also where the docks and foreign district will be. The top levels of the city are older compared to the lower levels which are newer.

There was discussion about where the College of Winterhold should be. MrWillis said that it should be near the Jarl's Palace so that the Shalidor would want to have more influence, but Roerich said that the Jarl would have more say in where the College was than Shalidor.

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