Cave names brainstorming thread

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Cave names brainstorming thread

Post by berry » Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:45 pm

There's a plenty of caves and grottos already in Skyrim_Main still lacking names, with which we should come up before the release. Here's a short summary; please note a better part of these interiors were finished before I joined the project and not discussed on new boards, so there might be some context oblivious to me behind them. I mostly described the impression I had when checking these in CS:
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_01 - -102, 3 - a bandit cave in Lorchwuir Heath, not far from Karthwasten-Beorinhal road. No water. Occupied by farmers-turned-bandits. Probably low level dungeon
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_04 - -104, 7 - a natural cavern at the edge of Vorndgad Forest, between new location for Bear Clan manor and Hoota's cabin. Some ponds of water. Occupants: spikeworms etc, no loot, lots of stalags and roots.
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_06 - -102, 7 - a large Reachman cavern by the banks of eastern Karth, separated by the river from ambush site. Contains another cave within with a witch study. Probably low/mid level
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_07- -108, 6 - enormous grotto behind Karth's waterfall. Tricky and mystical, a powerful quirky mage lives here. Not welcoming to visitors, but not hostile either. The name should arouse associations with shadow magic, preferably
  • Sky_iRe_DH_berrow - 109, 13 - abandoned barrow by the border of Dragonstar county, currently occupied by spikeworms, a group of bandits/Redguard insurectionists used to station here as well before they were wiped out.
  • Sky_iRe_VF_CaveLuxray - 108, 9 - large natural cave, well hidden by the feet of Druadach cliffs, between Vorng cavern and Mirilstaren escape tunnel. Contains a small smugglers/bandits outpost
  • Sky_iRe_VF_BarrowKg - -104, 11 - Bear Clan barrow in Karthgad's outskirts. Huge and largely maintained, save for the lowerst level where some Nordic undeads can be met probably
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_01 - -115, 10 - small Reachman residential cave in a remote spot of mesa #1, by Ghast's Pass canyon. Maybe hostile? If not, could probably bear the name of family living here
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_02 - -113, 8 - middle sized Reachman residential cave (with bandits?), contains some loot. Located in the wilderness in the middle of mesa #1
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_03 - -111, 5 - middle sized cave, occupied by goblins or savage Reachmen. Located in first mesa's wilderness
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_04 - -113, 9 - large silver/iron mine close to Haimtir. Abandoned?
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_05 - -108, 4 - huge grotto with plenty of waterfalls, located on mesa #1 roughly above Karth's waterfall spring. Some well-hidden mid level loot. No occupants?
Reference and inspiration:
Hrafnir's Nordic language
Hrafnir's Reachspeech
Hrafnir's Yoku language
Bloodmoon caves
TES V caves

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Re: Cave names brainstorming thread

Post by roerich » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:12 pm

An attempt
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_01 - -102, 3 - Husteng Caverns
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_04 - -104, 7 - Heifnil's Folly
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_06 - -102, 7 - Faldarach
  • Sky_iRe_ALDK_Cave_07- -108, 6 - Skjuggefald Deeps
  • Sky_iRe_DH_berrow - 109, 13 - Gorgbrand Barrow
  • Sky_iRe_VF_CaveLuxray - 108, 9 - Cehraign
  • Sky_iRe_VF_BarrowKg - -104, 11 - Bergarhoj Barrow
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_01 - -115, 10 - Duibhmarad Cave
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_02 - -113, 8 - Arsaig Cave
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_03 - -111, 5 - Black Teeth Caverns
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_04 - -113, 9 - Briagmar Mine
  • Sky_iRe_DH_ScampMesaCave_05 - -108, 4 - Howling Moon Grotto

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Re: Cave names brainstorming thread

Post by berry » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:52 pm

Sounds great. I like Heifnil's Folly, Skjuggefald Deeps and Howling Moon Grotto especially. As for my barrow, I'm not sure if we're keeping the Stalhrim here as a curiosity, but if we do it could be reflected in the name as well, for example Coldbrang Barrow. Bloodmoon has some barrows with names partialy understandable in English like this.

About Karthgad barrow, "hoj" sounds very vulgar in Slavic languages (I know of Polish and Russian at least for sure), so it could be tweaked a tad. Let's make it Bergarojh Barrow for example and all's fine.

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