Dreams of Reach Independence (Misc Questline)

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Dreams of Reach Independence (Misc Questline)

Post by roerich » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:44 am

Varo Jeramus is a young man currently located in Dragonstar West. Despite an Imperial name and presentation, he was born among the natives.

As a small child, Varo was taken from a Reachman village along with many other children. The abductors were Imperial officials, who removed the children in an effort to suppress the rebellious Reachmen tribes and their perceived dangerous religious and magickal practices. Varo was placed in a monastery complex (or possibly adopted into a household) in the Heartlands, where he was forced to forget his name, his language, his parents and his tribe. All cultural practices of his people were stripped off of him, and he was educated in Imperial customs, law and civil manners. In addition to this, he was taught grizzly stories about the natives of the Reach, and how and why Imperial/Nordic civilized governance needed to stamp out Reachmen aggressions with a stern hand.

In his twentieth year, he was sent back to the Reach on a carriage, along with a number of other Imperialized Reach natives. Free to create a life in the cities or villages of the region, the Imperial officials hoped to achieve a more stable and subjugated Reach population with this policy.

By strong willpower and a gifted mind, the childhood memories were never completely erased for Varo. Upon reentering his homeland through the pass of Duimachrad, it was like a part of his mind that had been completely closed suddenly opened wide, and memories of the life and the customs in the tribe came back to him in a hazed mist.

Varo soon found work as a scribe in Karthwasten. He devoted his free time to studies of the native lore, in an attempt to reconnect with his people and his lost innocent childhood. Slowly he climbed the ranks of the local bureaucracy, and now functions as a low level magistrate, a representative for the Imperial Curia in local trade disputes and small time affairs that require a level of Imperial jurisdiction.

Still infatuated with the native history and traditions, he has gathered and produced a large body of literature about a people otherwise scarcely mentioned in text. But at the same time he has realized, that he will never become a true Reachman himself. He has simply spent too much time within the civilized Imperial framework, and neither does he ever hope to be recognized as an equal by the tribes.

Instead he has turned his energies towards an ambitious project – simply put, he wants an independent Reach as an Imperial province, but free from the greedy hands of Nords, Bretons and Redguards. With his knowledge of Imperial politics and governance, and throughoutly researched understanding of the Reach situation, he is working towards this somewhat unrealistic goal, in a network with likeminded contacts across the Reach. He can enlist the player for help towards this.

- - - -

We could center a misc questline around this guy, helping him exploring Reachman culture(s), and forging relationships with and inbetween tribes etc. Could be a different way to introduce the player to the Reachmen.

Quests can include finding Reachmen artifacts, heading to remote tribal camps for interviews, seeking out Matriarchs and Hagravens, and perhaps even influencing and distabilizing local politics and Nord/Crown rule. Some of the rewards can be unique books on different aspects of Reach lore. written by Varo himself.

In the end quest, the player can escort him to Old Hrol’dan for an audience with a great warlord of the Sundered Hills. A few days later, the player can find his corpse outside the city gates, lol idk.

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Post by urm » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:44 pm

I think an even better ending would be him insulting one of the reachman leaders accidentally and being murdered that way. The "morale" being he grew up as an Imperial, so was thinking as an Imperial, trying to build a reachman "empire", but reachmen are different from that

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