Political hierarchy of the Reach

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Political hierarchy of the Reach

Post by roerich » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:40 pm

On the top is King Barda the Builder, son of King Vorngyd, Ruler of the Reachlands, the Middle and Upper Karth, the northern Sundered Hills, Mount Snowhawk, the Western Hills, the Vorngad and the Hammer (the cliff upon which Elfstone Keep and Markarth Side is located).

His heirs are the eldest son Prince Arald who resides in Karthasten, learning the art of governance from Thane Frovol Low-Brow, and the younger son Prince Bergar, who is enlisted in the Imperial Legion fortress of Northwatch (Western Haafinheim).

The second level is the Jarls who rule over Jarldoms of their own. Nordic society is a fractious one, and while most Jarls are truly loyal to the King, their Jarldoms possess a certain degree of self-governance. Political and lawful power is often backed up by military power, and the Nordic philosophy is very much akin to the saying "Might makes right".

Jarldoms of the Reach:

Markarth Jarldom

Jarl: King Barda the Builder
Throne-seat: Elfstone Keep
Settlements: Elfstone Keep, Markarth Side, Midkarth Farmsteads, Karthgad
Thanes: Markarth: , Karthgad: Thane Uolgo Bear-Father.

Druadachs Jarldom

Jarl: Jarla Jona the Ansei-Ender.
Throne-seat: Karthwasten, but she is mostly found in Dragonstar East.
Settlements: Karthwasten, Dragonstar East, Haimtír, as well as the Reachman villages and farmsteads
Thanes: Karthwasten: Thane Frovol Low-Brow, Thane Rolic Gilded-Shield, Thane Dorolf Boar-Bark. Dragonstar: , Haimtír:

Beorichal Jarldom

Jarl: Jarl Horir the Grey
Throne-seat: Beorichal
Settlements: Beorichal, a few minor homesteads in the northern Sundered Hills
Thanes: Beorichal:

Snowhawk Jarldom

Jarl: Jarl Ysgard Ice-Wing
Throne-seat: Falkirstad
Settlements: Falkirstad, "worsas' canyon village", Mt. Snowhawk settlements
Thanes: Falkirstad:

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