The Reach - Creature lists

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The Reach - Creature lists

Post by roerich » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:54 am

Copied from the old forum. An overview of what should be put in the levelled lists as well as what other enemies should be encountered in the various regions. To be revised adding new creatures, both passive and agressive.

Very common: 50% chance.
Common: 30% chance.
Rare: 15% chance.
Very rare: 5% chance.


Vorndgad Forest
Very common: Wolves, wormmouths, rats
Common: Bears, minotaurs
Rare: Goblins, spriggans
Very rare: Wereboars, trolls

Aldkarth Lowlands
Very common: Rats
Common: Bears, wolves
Rare: Trolls, goblins,
Very rare: Minotaurs

Druadach Highlands
Very common: Wolves, rats
Common: Mountain goat, wormmouth
Rare: Goblins
Very rare: Minotaurs, wereboars

Sundered Hills
Very common: Wormmouths, wolves
Common: Mountain goats, goats
Rare: Sabre cat, trolls
Very rare: Minotaurs, giants (most of these should be unique and named with fixed positions, but random encounters could occur)

Falkar Foothills
Very common: Wolves, rats
Common: Bears, mountain goats
Rare: Wormmouths
Very rare: Mammoths, wereboars

Mt. Snowhawk
Very common: Wolves
Common: Bears
Rare: Ice wraiths
Very rare: Snow wolves

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