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Mountain clans

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:41 pm
by roerich
For posterity I'll just leave a few notes here:

- In the mountains east of Falkreath and south of Helgen, there's a mountainous region of the Jeralls which is home to a number of Nordic mountain tribes that raid neighbouring settlements in Colovia particularly
- The nordic raiders in these lands will be a mix between "traditional barbaric nords" and common brigands. without being anonymous "bandits". they should have a few smaller settlements and hidden camps, not just caves
- They probably have a bit colo-nordic ancestry considering the promixity to falkreath and colovia
- They are recently responsible for the death of the count of Chorrol

To be expanded upon when needed.
Snippet from Discord:
Infragris - Today at 10:49 PM
About Chorrol, btw
There's supposed to be some Nordic raiding going on in the Jeralls north of there
roerich - Today at 10:50 PM
hörme? or just mountain clans
Infragris - Today at 10:50 PM
That's what I was wondering
roerich - Today at 10:51 PM
hmm fort neugrad is overlooking the pass into falkreath
Infragris - Today at 10:51 PM
All I know is that the Count of Chorrol went up there to fight them and got his head cut off
roerich - Today at 10:51 PM
sounds like mountain clans all right
the garrison at neugrad can probably do little more than protect the official passes and trade roads
Infragris - Today at 10:52 PM
Any idea where that mountain pass would end up?
roerich - Today at 10:52 PM
if the clans retreat into the mountains, they are hard to find


Re: Mountain clans

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:47 am
by Yeti
I like the sound of these clans. They should give Falkreath another interesting feature.

Do we know when the Count of Chorrol died? Maybe it could happen during a quest in our mod?

Re: Mountain clans

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:45 am
by roerich
Supposedly, the Countess will send the player on a quest to look for him. So rather recent. And yes this has potential as a cross-provincial quest(line) :shock:

In general, our Nords need some more edge compared to the relatively civilized and rich specimens found in current lands. These mountain tribes wouldn't exactly be those tribes on the fringe, who have never heard of Septim or his empire, but somewhere in between those and your regular Bear Clan member. There can be some interaction between these and the Hörme movement, but mostly these tribes stick to themselves, when they're not putting villages on the foot of the Jeralls to the torch. Any attempts by the military of Falkreath to subdue them has failed, as military campaigns in this region is an ardous task in itself, and your opponent having extensive knowledge of the lands isn't exactly helping.

The current chieftain-among-chieftains is Horg the Stout, from the infamous Skull-Drinker Clan.