Kvetchi Pass Region

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Kvetchi Pass Region

Post by worsas » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:57 pm

A tentative plan for the region surrounding the city of Kvatch & pre-shaped terrain:

A dour and rainy valley surrounding the city of Kvatch. Mostly open grasslands. The land is poor and infertile, dotted with old ruins, cairns and stone pillars attesting to the activities of the early Colovians. Farms and settlements focus on livestock, and are mostly gathered along the Gold Road and the lonely hill of Kvatch. To the north lie patches of pine-like trees. The southern border, marked by the Brena River, is marshy and difficult to traverse.
The southern area is a wide grasslands with its own Region designation(The Kvatchi Pass) which connects the coastal areas with the fertile interior plains. Notable locations in the Pass, like Kvatch and Fort Istirius, lie on their own reinforced hills which overlook the surrounding land. Small farmsteads crowd around the Gold Road.
Geographically, it lies on the intersection of three major regions: the Gold Coast to the west, the low, fertile plains of the West Weald to he east, and the unforgiving Colovian Highlands to the north. To the south, across the low ridge of the Dasek moors, lies the reedy Strid River bordering on Valenwood. Besides the moors and wetlands of the south, most of the Kvetchi Pass consists of grasslands, crumbling cliffs, and sombre forests.

Terrain Objects:
- T_Cyr_TerrRockKP_**

Static Flora:
- T_Cyr_FloraKP_Bush_01
- T_Cyr_FloraKP_Shrub_01 - 04
- T_Cyr_FloraKP_ShrubGrass_01 - 04 (use these a lot. don't put vertex shade below them)
- T_Cyr_FloraGC_Shrub_02 (no vertex shade below these)
- T_Cyr_FloraGC_TreeOak_01-03 (sparingly)
- T_Cyr_FloraGC_Tree_01-05 (near the gold coast, sparingly)

- T_Cyr_Flora_Lilypad_01 (strid river and marshlands)
- T_Glb_Flora_Cattails_01 (strid river and marshlands)
- T_Glb_Flora_Reed_01-06 (strid river and marshlands)
- T_Glb_Flora_ReedGroup_01-04 (strid river and marshlands)
- T_Glb_Flora_ScumLayer_01-04 (for the swamp holes in the marshlands)
- T_Glb_Flora_Fern_02 (in the swamps)

- T_Glb_Fauna_Photodragons and T_Glb_Sound_ambientInsects in the swamps.

Container Plants:
- Chokeberry
- Lady's Smock
- T_Glb_Flora_Flax0x (in the grassy areas)
- T_Glb_Flora_WtHyacint0x (strid river and marshlands)
- T_Cyr_Flora_Ginseng0x (in the grassy areas)
- T_Glb_Flora_Gooseb0x (in the grassy areas)
- T_Glb_Flora_Blackberr0x (commonly between rocks, but not exclusively)
- T_Glb_Flora_Lavender0x
- T_Glb_Flora_Milkthist0x
- T_Cyr_Flora_Monarda0x
- T_Cyr_Flora_MarasBead0x (whole region, but extra in the swamp)

Ground Textures:
- T_Cyr_TerrDirtKP_01-02 (01 may be used for dirt roads. 02 for swamp holes in the south.)
- T_Cyr_TerrGrassKP_01-02
- T_Cyr_TerrGrassDirtKP_01
- T_Cyr_TerrRockKP_01-02
- T_Cyr_TerrRoadStoneKP_01
- T_Cyr_TerrMudRiverGC_01 (for the river bottom)
- T_Cyr_TerrSandGC_03 (for the river bottom)

Vertex Color:
- Light gray for ground texture transitions: 168, 168, 168.
- Dark gray for statics on land: 93,88,93.
- Semi-dark gray for statics on the seafloor: 121, 121, 121.
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Post by chef » Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:50 pm

Stirk bush, plenty of variety already
Mandrake, its very hard to place these without having them either float or have the leaves bleed into the ground

Vertex Colour:
Change statics to 93,88,93
Use the same light grey around and water in the swamps

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Post by chef » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:07 pm

T_Glb_Flora_Fern_02 in the swamps
Last edited by chef on Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:30 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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Post by chef » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:27 pm

T_Glb_Fauna_Photodragons and T_Glb_Sound_ambientInsects in the swamps.

Remove: Thungleweed, doesn't look great in the region, and we have plenty of container plants to choose from already.

updated op with my changes

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