Adding ground textures in an exterior claim

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Adding ground textures in an exterior claim

Post by worsas » Sun May 10, 2015 11:39 am

Nothing major, but I recently realised that since ground texture entries do not get cleaned out with TESAME, it should be a totally possible thing to include any texture (like an interior floor texture for example) as ground texture in an exterior claim. You can see something like this at daedric ruins and imperial forts in vanilla. That should open some design possibilties for fortresses or ruins. We should also explicitly add some of those as ground textures in the Data Files, too. But in theory you could add any texture as ground texture without creating a non-clean file at the same time. As long as one doesn't start spreading bear pelts over the landscape, I don't see much trouble with that, unless the texture gets removed from the data files at some point.

Granted, you'll need to unpack the texture from the bsa-archive and pull it into the landscaping window for that. I don't know how many of our exterior people know their way around with bsa packing tools. But it's a possibility.

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