Fast Learner & Creative Minded Person Looking to Contribute

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Fast Learner & Creative Minded Person Looking to Contribute

Post by DivineSpy »

Hi everyone! I enjoy both Elder Scrolls and modding in general. I am a fan of both the Morrowind and Skyrim games (Cyrodil always seemed kind of meh to me), and would love to contribute to SHotN. Although beggars with no modding skills can't be choosers...

I really would love to participate in this awesome (I do not use this word lightly..) project, however I don't currently have anything to offer in terms of modding skills. However I am presently learning to use the CS, and am in general a quick learner. An excess of free time doesn't hurt either. When I do find my way around CS I can of course present any public mods I may have created and/or a showcase demostrating my full range of skills if needed.

Until I can do any actual modding I feel I could help with any conceptual planning, as I do consider myself to be a creative and intellectual person and the SHotN forums seems to be a bit underpopulated. I enjoy sparking enlightening debates (not to be confused with bullheaded arguements :P) and am not afraid to be criticized and expect the same of others. Tamriel is one of the few fantasy worlds (along with Middle-Earth) where I am genuinely interested in the lore, and would enjoy forging my own part of it in a way.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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Post by Luxray »

Welcome! Of course feel free to lurk the place and contribute to threads. That's the best way to get started and get familiar with the things going on, of course.

Feel free to come hang in the IRC anytime, that's where a lot of off-forum discussion takes place!
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Post by Lord Berandas »

Hello, DivineSpy! Welcome to the lands of Tamriel! ;-)
Every hand is valuable these days, also if you have some questions about CS, modding or whatever else, come join us on IRC! I'ts a vortex of both creativity and fun! :D

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Post by roerich »

Welcome! If you want to get up to date you should read this forum as well as our old one (" onclick=";return false;), to get a good picture of where we're going.

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