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I have some ideas for a dedicated PT (+TR?) server. I hope Texafornian can host it, perhaps converting or basing it on his Cornerclub | Tamriel server. This would become something between the existing server, and a more RP focused one.

Background and character generation
After the player completes character generation, he/she is asked some questions about their background. These should be aimed towards explaining why the player finds themself in the Reach. Are they simply a traveller, a mercenary, or a local? Have they been sent there by a guild, or are they fleeing somewhere? This should determine where the player starts, his/her starting equipment, and eventually guild membership too.

  • The player is a caravan guard, and has just escorted a group of travelling merchants from Bruma to Karthwasten. The player starts in a tavern near the Karthwasten bazaar, with some low-level armor and a weapon, as well as the pay for the caravan job, a good bit of gold.
  • The player is the son or daughter of a farmer somewhere in the Reach. But times are tough, and the player has chosen to go to the city, in an attempt to earn a living and make a name for themself, hoping to return to the family farm with lots of gold. The player starts out with common clothing, a few coins of gold, and a number of food items he/she can sell.
  • The player is an initiate student in the Guild of Mages. Orginally from Wayrest, the player has been transferred to the Dragonstar guild chapter, to study under one of the masters of Illusion magic. The player starts out in the guild, as a guild member, and with a robe and some basic magic related items, like scrolls and soul gems.
Death and revival
Something between hardcore mode and the current system, where you can be revived eternally. You start out with a number of lives (i.e. 5), indicating the number of times you can be revived when you're killed. You are given additional lives when levelling up. This makes death more impactful, rather than just lowering some skills, but doesn't make it terribly challenging either.

Perhaps some of you have some more ideas?

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