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Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Sun May 14, 2017 9:06 pm
by Torlof
Hey there!
Been following this amazing project for quite a while, but only not so long ago finally decided to learn CS in hopes to help bring more interesting and canonical versions of Skyrim and Cyrodiil to reality.
I took exterior ex_hlaalu_b_10 as a base, and made slightly bigger interior. This interior is a clothing store with literal skeleton in the closet: i decided to chase two hares and made this interior a base for future quest showcase. The idea of the (future) quest is quiet simple: fratricide, after which the murderer took over his brother's store. Some objects in the environment are showing how he copes with the act he committed. (Townsfolk wondering where original owner went will be the start of the quest.)
There are 161 objects, but could add some more on second floor. Hopefully, additional space is not a problem.
Thanks for your time and sorry for any possible missteps.

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 6:16 pm
by Luxray
Hi Torlof. Apologies for the delay in posting this review for you, I got quite waylaid earlier before I could finish.
My overall thoughts are that this is a good first effort with some really cool touches, it just needs some finesse in rotation and placement of objects to showcase your skills.

Here is the review as I might post it for a PT interior:

Clean: Yes (Please ask if you don't know what cleaning means -- fine in this case though)
Northmarker: Yes, good
Fits Exterior: No (It's usually better to stick to vanilla or pt-norm established sizes for shells. More interior space means more work for you to fill it).
Lighting: Not right (You will need to set the interior lighting values in the World > Interior Cell menu. Copy the values for a stylistically similar Hlaalu interior. Currently the sunlight is much too bright.)
Gridsnap: Yes, good
Illegal to sleep: Yes, good

Where I talk about floating that means an object is floating in empty space, bleeding is bleeding into another object, and caspering means you can see through an invisible part of the mesh in the CS.

furn_com_rm_bookshelf_02 Stylemixing x2 (Please use de_ shelves in a de (Dark Elf) interior and refrain from using imperial com objects)
extravagant_robe_01 not resting properly (Clothing needs to be 'f'd twice to avoid caspering at the bottom. Same for all the clothing items on the shelves behind the bar.)
common_shoes_03 floating
expensive_belt_03 bleeds into bar
expensive_glove_right_01 not resting properly (Sink a little so the bad mesh edge is not obvious)
Light_Com_Candle_01 floating on shelf
furn_de_p_shelf_02 not attached to wall properly
misc_com_bottle_02 not resting properly by the bed (x2)
light_de_lantern_14 red lantern perhaps not really appropriate. very morag-tong ish
Light_Com_Candle_01 floating on table
ingred_crab_meat_01 bleeding through plate
Lots of the items on the upstairs shelves not resting properly (See picture below)
furn_de_tapestry_02 very repetitive (Fine for regular tapestries, but for ones with a unique design like this, try not to overuse it outside of a temple or something. Regular plain tapestries can and should be put everywhere. Though, you said you had fixed this on the Discord)
furn_spinningwheel_01 not resting properly (Needs a larger surface to rest on, bottom is caspering)

Please don't be discouraged by this list of errors, most of these are things that should only take a few moments to fix in each case. I talk about changing movement settings here if you have not found the menu yet.

As for objects not resting properly, de_p shelves and ssurfaces are not completely flat. As seen in this picture, the tray and the other objects on the shelf have got a space under them due to being horizontal. You will need to rotate each object on the other axes to meet the flat slopes on the shelves. Hold X, Y or Z whilst rotating the object, or double click and use the buttons on rotation to move in increments. You can hit 'W' in the CS to turn on wireframe and see the faces of awkward objects like this so you don't try and balance over 2 different faces in different directions if that helps.

Also, those shop displays could use some attention, as they are a little uninteresting and flat currently. I know it's supposed to be a shop displaying wares, but try bunching various items up, using the scaling tool, and rotating some items to make the display more appealing.

However! The interior is a good start, and has some very cool little touches, like the perfectly rotated coins by the pillow, or the bottles under the bed. Bottles, baskets, cutlery, cups and other misc items are your friend, they can go almost anywhere in endless combinations to make things catch the eye. So nice work on doing that!

If you can take care of the issues I'd be happy to take another look and see how you have got on.

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 11:56 pm
by Torlof
I think, that i fixed all issues. One thing i'm not sure about is placement of objects with strange meshes, that have only top or front part (pants and some boots primarily), and some bowl meshes.

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 5:22 pm
by Luxray
Hello Torlof,

After looking at your newest file I can see you know how to rotate objects sufficiently now. Nice work on matching the objects to those shelves so well. I would say overall the reference count is a little low but nothing apart from vanilla-mw standards; for PT we like to have 200-300 references in a cell for medium size houses like this. However you've showed sufficient skill at rotation and creative cluttering that I'd hereby recommend you for interior promotion. Welcome to the team!

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 5:23 pm
by worsas
And promoted. Welcome aboard!

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:01 pm
by Trey303
Welcome to the team Torlof! :D

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:11 pm
by Torlof
Thanks a lot for warm welcome!
As i mentioned on discord, i will probably not gonna claim anything right away. Probably spend a couple of days playing recent releases, checking these areas in CS and experimenting with Tamriel_Data objects and tilesets.

Re: Torlof's Interior Showcase

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 10:12 pm
by roerich
Welcome indeed!