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Saivryn's Entry Showcase

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Hey all, been on the discord but just made an account here. I'm functioning on very little sleep so I'll keep this brief.

imgur album of some recent work-" onclick=";return false;

I want to make a map like that of Cyrodiil, Skyrim and maybe other provinces/Morrowind mainland. I plan to make a thread devoted to this such project, and I'll need guidance on what to do.

I have also been working on big (WIP) galleries of reference and inspiration images/concept art on google drive that I want to make a thread for. The galleries will be publicly editable so anyone can help organize and expand them. These galleries have folders within folders, but have yet to be sorted yet, many images currently sit together in a single hub folder for each major region

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Post by roerich »

As stated on Discord, this is a really impressive portfolio. Thanks for sharing!

And welcome on board by the way.

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