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Showcase - ClownApocalypse

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Thank you for considering my build, it is a themed residential interior named ShowCase_ClownApocalypse and fits ex_hlaalu_b_07. tamriel_data is used.

I lost my northmarker and messed up my global rotation somewhere along the line so got lots of practice rotating by numbers and with a 45 degree axis offset. (idk how this happened?) I did make my shell from scratch, and would restart the build if this happened on a PC claim.

Theme: single grieving parent of 2 deceased children that had some black magic or vampire issue. There is a key on the bench near the locked door.

I would like to make a quest of something like this, maybe hunting down an evil mage that tricked the parents... so many ideas, I think it is fun to make interiors that tell a story and make a quest to go along with it, is there a place like this on the team? I have quest basics down but need to learn the scripting for a bit more depth.

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Rotation and grid snap fixed, fine rotation on shelved items and removed dead children.

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"Removed dead children" must be one of the better changelogs I've read in 5 years on this project

Review time!


Clean: Yes
Lighting: Yes
Gridsnap: Yes
Northmarker: Yes
Illegal to Sleep: Yes

furn_de_shack_basket_02 rotated right but slightly floating
pc_chest_small floats slightly
misc_com_silverware_spoon not quite resting properly
light_de_candle_07_64 not quite resting properly
pc_showcase_key - custom objects will have a naming process you will need to follow, also 'kids room' isn't the best name as the subject of Children is best avoided entirely within Morrowind

Nice interior, excellent rotation skills. Once that snapping issue was sorted this is a nice little interior.

Some of the objects are a bit egregious (Imperial style coffins and shack baskets dont really suit a middle class Dark Elf house), but given that PT interiors will generally have a description to work off for the resident, it's nothing too major and nothing that couldnt be fixed in reviewing your claims.

Also you could squeeze in a few more objects generally (For example the small bedroom has nothing in it except for the bunk bed) but cluttering like that will come with practice and it's overall a good standard.

So, I'm happy to give you the nod!

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Congrats and welcome to the team! Perhaps I could also offer something in here to you?

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